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Hi all,
I joined here because it seems to be the most active forum. I've only been vegan for about four months, but it's the best life change I've made. I feel physically and mentally healthier, and it feels great knowing that every meal I eat contributes to the ending of this world. I'm very lucky to live in a very [url=""]vegan-friendly[/url]city and community as well, it's been a great influence for persuading others into becoming "">veganl as well. I hope to meet more people and gain a little more knowledge here!

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    Posted by mariagomezfc at 12/12/16 10:48:37

    We are []veg jaunts[/url] and Journeys and offer short and longer tours in North America and Europe for small groups of 8-10 people.

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    Posted by arb84820 at 12/12/16 18:05:27

    Come say Hi in the Happycow chatroom!

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