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I'm so happy to share my experience as a vegan volunteer in India. I'm a 24-year-old vegan working in Sadhana Forest, India, a strictly and compassionately vegan volunteer community. I've looked all over the world for a place like this, so I'm trying to spread the word to my fellow veggies. Please come visit! It's honestly a vegan dream come true.

We're looking for vegans!, tree-planters, vegan food-preparers, unschooling leaders, yogis, meditators, compost know-it-alls, permaculturalists, animal lovers, people-persons, and generally happy travelers looking for a place to volunteer to help us with our reforestation efforts. We're trying to replant 70 acres with an endangered dry evergreen forest. We offer free accommodation for our volunteers! The food is organic and fresh, and the electricity is solar-powered. You can read my review of it by looking for Sadhana Forest under Pondicherry, India.

For more information, please see our website:

I sincerely hope to meet you soon :)

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    Posted by physte3 at 04/11/12 02:50:07

    Wow, that is such a great project!

    Thank you for share this, I'm vegan and I'd like to go in South India once, so I'll consider this option and join to the volunteering program. ;)

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    Posted by DavidGrahamScott at 09/30/12 07:21:43

    I would love to do this too. How long can you stay there for?

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    Posted by flowerpopgurl at 10/05/12 01:59:52

    This is lovely :)

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    Posted by volunteer in nepal at 11/27/12 07:10:26

    Thank you for sharing your volunteering experience.

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