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Hi, I am planning to travel thailand and wanted to ask if we get good option of Vegan/vegetarian food ? Please advise and share whats your experience.

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    Posted by westcornersville at 05/05/17 06:08:19

    I've spent limited time in Thailand but extensive amounts of time traveling around the world, both for fun and also occasionally for my job. First, you've come to the right place at HappyCow, since it lists a lot of vegan/vegetarian restaurants in various parts of Thailand, with large cities having the best selection, just like in many other countries around the world. A bit of advice--try to look up these places ahead of time so you can plan a bit as even in cities with a lot of vegetarian restaurants, like Bangkok, you can have neighborhoods that are more difficult to find vegetarian food. I'm sure you already know all about the fish sauce/shrimp paste issue there (won't be a problem of course at vegetarian restaurants and some that are just "veg-friendly"). Hope this helps at least a little.

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    Posted by linrx at 06/29/17 06:53:19

    Thai vegetarian is available but they do not always seem that clearly pointed out at signboards. Even when I was living up in the mountains with the Theravada monastics, they would be going meatless but sometimes their secular followers bring meat into their forest sanghas which do contravene with their dietary guidelines at times. As the transgression is quite naturalised all over Thailand, it is not uncommon that they use woks and culinary utensils that were used to prepare meat in preparing "vegan" meals and hence their "vegan" dishes can come with the stench of meat. This is a practice that some of us do put up with when visiting parts of Thailand, i.e. if we visit Taiwan or Japan there are more food outlets and religious centres that will go completely meatless all the way.

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    Posted by AmalieK.Vinther at 06/29/17 18:42:50

    I visited Hua Hin for a 2-week vacation this January with my boyfriend, and we had some problems. We are vegetarians so could accept eggs in rice sometimes when they could not make it without. We ate mainly rice with vegetables, but they don't even put many vegetables in. But I think larger cities they will have more vegan options.

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    Posted by Elaia at 06/30/17 19:34:46

    I highly recommend the May Kaidee restaurant and cooking school in Bangkok and Chiang Mai - some of the very best vegan cuisine anywhere! Super fresh and balanced flavors throughout and the most amazing juices. If you're into cooking, i recommend doing a day class. Very well organized, well taught and fun. We made 10 dishes in 6 hours!

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