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My wife and I are both 67 years old, semi-retired and planning a Road Trip across the USA in our Smart Car. So far it looks like about 9500 miles from Orlando to the upper Northwest (Seattle/Victoria B.C.) and back to Orlando.

Our plans are to visit as many of the USA National Parks and Treasures as we can as well as other interesting sites. Besides the Smart Car, we are also Nutritional Vegans so expect some challenges when it comes to dining, restaurants and hotel/motel accommodations. We plan to rely heavily on the HappyCow Data Base to help us along the way.

We plan to post pictures, dining experiences, the wonders we see and the people we shall meet. We have no schedule set and it looks like about 25 to 30 days on the road; all in our Smart Car.

See my web site: I already have a HappyCow link posted there:

Maybe some other members will provide advice, direction and hints along our route!


Skip & Nancy Stein
Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living

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    Posted by nicky23 at 06/24/13 01:07:20

    Looks your age have crossed sixty but you mind is still in the age of 20. 20-30 days on road it will be a great time for both of you but managing it will be difficult. All the best for your journey.

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    Posted by bbeckums at 07/22/13 20:18:18

    that sounds ohhh so lovely, i hope you two have been having a wonderful experience!

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    Posted by HeatherSwindell at 08/01/13 07:39:27

    Be sure to stop off at Green Vegetarian Cuisine in the Pearly Brewery complex in downtown San Antonio, Texas!