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Me and my daughter are planning to go to L.A. for a week this spring and I was wondering if there is more vegan Area in L.A? we don't have a car so it would be nice to stay somewhere there is a little more to choose from. Grateful for all the help I can get.

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    Posted by eric at 02/12/16 11:44:53

    Hi Jennyabhaya,

    I'd say Santa Monica, West Hollywood, or Los Feliz would be best. You can Uber around the city if needed. Things are very spread out. Have a look at the maps:[]=vegan

    HappyCow is based here in Santa Monica, and the area bordering Venice beach by the ocean is fantastic for vegan options.

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    Posted by jennyabhaya at 02/12/16 22:06:57

    Thank you Eric. I was thinking about staying somewhere around Melrose or Venice, but maybe I should look around Santa Monica. It's hard to know where to look, because I like to be able to walk around a bit.... I know L.A. is not the best place for walking ;)

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    Posted by La_diavolo at 02/13/16 13:05:42

    Hi jennyabhaya.
    My little bro is living in LA, so when I was visiting him my favorite place was Flore Vegan Cuisine in Silver Lake. It's such a beautiful place. They have a website so you can check the menu. It's a little far away from Venice beach but you should check it out .

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    Posted by jennyabhaya at 02/13/16 13:18:56

    Thank you La_diavolo

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    Posted by La_diavolo at 02/14/16 03:56:28

    You are welcome ! I hope you will have a great time.
    Have fun !

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