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No more Vegan confusion when traveling. These V Cards explain the needs of a Vegan Diet in 83 different languages, including;

Afrikaans / Albanian / Arabic / Armenian / Azerbaijani / Basque / Belarusian / Bengali / Bosnian / Bulgarian / Cambodian / Catalan / Cebuano / Chinese(Simplified) / Chinese(Traditional) / Croatian / Czech / Danish / Dutch / English / Esperanto / Estonian / Filipino / Finnish / French / Galacian / Georgian / German / Greek / Guajarati / Haitian Creole / Hausa / Hebrew / Hindi / Hmong / Hungarian / Icelandic / Igbo / Indonesian / Irish / Italian / Japanese / Javanese / Kannada / Khmer / Korean / Lao / Latin / Latvian / Lithuanian / Macedonian / Malay / Maltese / Maori / Marathi / Mongolian / Mongolian / Nepali / Norwegian / Persian / Polish / Portuguese / Punjabi / Romanian / Russian / Serbian / Slovak / Slovenian / Spanish / Swahili / Swedish / Tamil / Teluga / Thai / Turkish / Ukrainian / Urdu / Vietnamese / Welsh / Yiddish / Yoruba / Zulu

Simply hand this card to your Server, Chef or Host in their prospective language!
Trouble with the pronunciation, try plugging the text from any of the languages into Google Translate or any other online audio pronunciation guide.

Download or Print - Happy Vegan Travels!!

Responses (12)

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    Posted by Brok O. Lee at 08/09/14 03:24:44

    Thanks for sharing this! I just used the German ones when I was recently traveling in Germany. So useful! :-)

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    Posted by Laylah at 08/10/14 05:49:14

    Lol, a great thing to have ;)

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    Posted by selator at 08/10/14 17:12:01


    Did you use google translate to create these?
    The Hungarian version is grammatically incorrect and some stuff has a very weird translation: e.g. broth -> soup, egg whites -> whites as in clothes or people, lard and fat translates to the same word which appears twice.

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    Posted by The Hammer at 08/11/14 02:32:34

    the Thai and Japanese sections are also pretty awkard and incorrect, like you say, they seem to be literal translations from english sentences without any cultural edge, so to speak.
    I know it is pretty unpopular to say (to make friends here i should say something like "wow, cool!!!)but in Thailand or Japan, staff in any ordinary restaurant will have dificulty understanding your vegan needs with this vegan passport.

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    Posted by The Hammer at 08/17/14 06:35:37

    is that the "Royal We" you are using? With "we" you simply mean "I", right?

    I simply make a non personal comment and say that certain translations are incorrect. Like it or not, that is allowed on a forum. Being personal like you with silly personal hateful comments, is less acceptable. You try to bully other people with your remarks. Don't drop your pants all the time. Don't go emo, stick to arguments.

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    Posted by StephenS at 08/11/14 08:11:31

    Don't worry Hammer - we all expect you to make a criticism! I don't think you're at risk of losing any potential friends.
    As to the Hungarian and Japanese ones, I can't speak. But, I have used the Thai, Irish and Persian, and know folks who have used many others. But, as with any multiple translation methods done from the heart (as opposed to language fluency), there are always going to be some initial issues and confusion. I believe this is why at the bottom of every page on the cards is a link asking for those who wish to get pro-active - to please email any translation corrections.
    But - for those of you who don't have the time to scroll to the bottom of any particular page and locate the link, as you may be too busy fuming over the inability of all us other veg/ans to do things as perfectly and amazingly as you, Here is the link for translation corrections;
    Please email translation corrections to

    Wouldn't it be nice if we could all help out, making shopping and eating out and visiting folks easier and more accessible for Vegans Worldwide?!!

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    Posted by ConstantinusMagnus at 08/25/16 21:21:21

    The greek version has some grammatical/translation errors.
    Please let me know whom I should contact to send a proper translation.
    Kind regards!

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    Posted by Richard Ross at 03/21/17 14:08:06

    Another useful resource is the Vegan Society Vegan Passport. This is available as a little book and also as an app. It covers 78 languages:

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    Posted by janetbotes at 07/10/17 19:12:02

    Thank you for sharing! This is very helpful - I'll be using Arabic as well as Spanish! I do see that the Afrikaans has some grammatical errors... but it does get the message across :-)

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    Posted by ben_c at 03/31/18 16:21:33

    Hi everyone!

    Mike and I have recently updated the V Cards app for iOS!

    Find it on -

    V Cards - you're now vegan in 100 languages!

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    Posted by ForestNymph at 04/01/18 05:49:47

    Well this is cool.

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    Posted by jadeasong at 04/05/18 13:51:52

    this s quite a good dictionary that can help the community make better choices as vegans

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