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I'm hoping to go sailing and the captain says we need to stock up for 3 weeks at sea - and he wants me to introduce him to veganism. So, no surviving on pasta and cornflakes!
Thing is that I've always been a can't cook, won't cook kind of girl so am really hoping to get some help with ideas of ingredients and recipes.
There are some well stocked health food stores and grocery stores nearby, so shouldn't have problems finding ingredients before setting sail, it's just that I know from experience that I buy all these goodies, then find a year later they're still sat in my cupboard unused - and I won't have internet access at sea.
I'd be very grateful of any suggestions and guidance.
Many thanks in anticipation!

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 03/04/17 23:26:35

    Your best bet is rice and beans as the foundation food for most afternoon and evening meals. Learn to prepare vegan Dhal. Spices and oil are also good to transport on boats. Fresh veggies and fruits will only work for the first few days. Try to bring unripened fruits so that you can eat fresh fruits longer. Corn meal, oats, grains and dried veggies and dried fruits also transport well. These items not only transport well but also take up little room. Also they do not water damage easily. Bring raw dehydrated breads.

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 03/05/17 00:33:41

    One more thing-

    Food for the first week is no problem, it is the second and third weeks that might involve tinned food.

    Also, I certainly hope you trust this man who is captain. On the seas, it is his boat, his law, his rules. He may simply want your vegan food to supplement the fish and animals he might hunt and fish on the open seas. Will it bother you to smell fish every day cooking in the kitchen where you are working?

    There are vegan cruises with vegan chefs that go to wondrous places all set up for vegans. There are also vegan ships with vegan captains for hire.

    If he wanted to try vegan food, there are plenty of vegan restaurants on land.

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    Posted by Shall at 03/06/17 05:17:51

    Thanks Star the magic vegan!
    Many thanks for your suggestions. I'll certainly do some further research and planning around these suggestions. I'm not too worried about what the captain does, as long as he doesn't torment me with his dead fish! He knows I'm screamish about such things. However, do feel the need to plan something more balanced than I would if I was left to my own devices - not least because he doesn't want a mal-nourished, helpless crew member on board! He's interested in my diet for health benefits and weight loss, but I've said it mustn't be on my account. I suspect he'll do a bit of both.
    Thanks again for your suggestions.

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