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Hi All,
Next weekend I'm traveling to Mumbai on business and will be there two weeks. I will most likely be very busy the first week so won't do much other than working and then back to the hotel. I didn't do my homework as far as getting shots for Hep A, B or malaria. Too late for that now.

I try to avoid all medications and don't even consider an aspirin unless I really have pain. I'm not a total vegetarian by any stretch but avoid all dairy and red meat. Usually make an organic green smoothy for breakfast every day. Just looking for some tips to avoid getting ill...

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    Posted by eric at 04/27/13 21:46:44

    Hi lgchristianson,
    You should be fine as long as you stay away from street food, raw salads, and uncooked fruits & veggies (unless you peel them yourself). I was really ill in India once and you don't want to get sick there. I wrote a little article on tips for staying healthy, here:
    Have a good trip. -Eric

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    Posted by ColetteyBetty at 04/28/13 00:41:40

    I agree with Eric. I was in Mumbai last November and I was fine, and if you are avoiding the foods above (as well as meat) there should be no problem. I should add though that it might be difficult to avoid dairy completely as most of their food is cooked in ghee. It was certainly a challenge as a vegan...

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    Posted by AndyT at 04/29/13 03:52:03

    As was already said, pack some food. I always pack some vegan sandwich spread, and some small containers of soymilk.

    Also, call the airline more than 24 hours before the flight to make sure your vegan meal is reserved.

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    Posted by lgchristianson at 05/02/13 02:24:34

    Thanks All for your replies and especially you Eric. Your link for travelers was exactly what I was looking for. I took today off to make my final travel and health preparations and will be spending some time at the local Whole Paycheck, er Foods. I'm really going to miss my morning smoothies...

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    Posted by lgchristianson at 05/02/13 06:58:38

    Also, what I've read is that malaria is a very real problem there. It's recommended that I use a 50% deet product to repel them. I HATE that thought. Does anyone have real world experience with essential oil mixes that work there?

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    Posted by lgchristianson at 05/06/13 07:08:26

    Well, finished my second day and all's well so far. Hotel has very good food offerings. The shop where I'm working says many foreigners have stayed here with no complaints. I never tried Indian food for breakfast before so that's really different. The trip to the shop is about 7 miles and takes about 45 min each way. From that bit of Bombay I guarantee I will NOT be eating at a roadside vendor.

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