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I have been to Europe, Spain a few times on travel and I deem Spain is a beautiful country and cities like Barcelona and Madrid and I'd love to go back for awhile. If you're in Barcelona be sure to check out the Picasso museum as well. Finally I think the best way to get around Spain is by train. If you want to have a holiday abroad, I firstly recommend you go to Spain! That's great!

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    Posted by Stevie at 06/23/07 03:01:40


    I've been to many places in Spain and had many a good moment there. There is 1 thing that I find off putting about Spain and that is the continued practice of bullfighting. I am aware that bullfighting isn't exclusive to Spain but I find it disconcerting going to so many places in Spain (bars and restaurants) where bullfighting is glorified e.g. by the decorations on the walls. I haven't seen it documented anywhere but I have been told that bullfighting has been banned in Barcelona (a city where there are plenty of all veggie eateries I might add). Is anyone able to confirm if the bullfighting ban in Barcelona is true?

    Also when I was in Seville I was told that the traditional stock to use in paella is chicken stock - including in veggie paella (obviously rendering it non veggie). Does anyone know anything about this?

    Keep well all,

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    Posted by Brendonclifford at 08/30/07 03:27:43

    Barcelona and Madrid are both great cities. I feel very lucky to have spent a lot of time in Spain. Some other cities to visit: Salamanca, near Portugual, has beautiful architecture. The Basque country, too. San Sebastian is possibly the most beautiful city in the region, but Bilbao is worth visiting for the Guggenheim museum and old town, and the little seaside village of Hondarabbia. Outside Madrid are towns like Segovia, Toledo, and Avila, Toledo is probably the most famous. And Andalucia in the south, Grenada for the Alhambra, and Cordoba is very charming. Seville is very touristic but the old quarter is fantastic and you have to visit the bull ring for a tour!
    As for taking the train, I found buses to actually be better. They are quite cheap and reasonably comfortable. A friend and I took the bus from Madrid to Grenada, and then travelled by bus all over Andalucia, and it was fine.
    Missed the Picasso museum in Barcelona! I spent too much time in the old town... :)1

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    Posted by veggieday at 10/06/07 19:27:45

    We have recently returned from Spain having had a great trip (Sep '07). We had been told that it was nigh on impossible to eat vegetarian in Spain but found this far from the truth. Not only are there vegetarian restaurants but many items on the menu in ordinary restaurants are excellent for vegetarians. It appears that most spanish restaurants do not understand what is meant by vegetarian (even when asked in Spanish) and the waiters automatically say that they do not do vegetarian. The trick is to question exactly what is in each dish and ask if it contains no meat and no fish - we then ate like kings. We certainly steered clear of paellas and casseroles etc. as it is very likely that these contain meat stocks.
    Despite loving Spain, we have no intention to return, as we found the glorification of bull fighting quite disgusting. It is quite impossible to get away from it - it appears the Spanish consider this abhorrant torturing of animals to be a tourist attraction - shame on tourists if this is the case.

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    Posted by annie1976 at 10/07/07 18:59:14

    Does anyone have suggestions of what you CAN eat in Spain? Seems like they put chicken/fish stock and jamon in everything...

    I'm going with a group of meat eaters who will want to sample authentic Spanish cuisine and will not want to go to Chinese/Indian/Middle Eastern places...

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    Posted by diana_mae at 10/31/07 03:54:00

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