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Hi everyone!
I would love some advice and good pointers on my upcomming island adventure in Thailand. I hope you guys can help me out . :-)

My name is Anna, I am vegan and currently live in Bangkok, Thailand. Btw. Bangkok is a GREAT place to live vegan!
Anyway, I am travelling to South Thailand to live the island life, and I am wondering which island would be best for me. I am planning to cook (most of my raw vegan meals) myself, so I need acces to fresh organic fruits and vegetables. It is crusial for me that the produce is organic - expecially with the high amount of pesticides use in Thailand.
I've heard some great things about Koh Phangan, but cannot figure out if buying organic veg and fruits is accesable.
So, what do you guys think? :)

Hope you all are living the happy and fruity life!

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 01/06/18 00:22:16

    You are living the dream. Most important, you are living your truth in a great place. Obviously, you are exactly where you need to be be. Thanks for sharing that Bangkok is a great place to be vegan. Never would have known. As for organic veggies and fruits in that South Thailand paradise, I would ask locals and go to the farmers markets.

    Enjoy your happy and fruity life. Live in the moment. Tomorrow is promised to no one. Ride the vegan wave of life as long as you can in Thailand. Many of us vegans have different lives and not so fortunate, and living in non vegan areas is a pioneering challenge. Try being one of two vegans in a county. I wouldn't go back to meat for nothing and no one. Vegan is a lifestyle and so much more as I live it. And I'm living my truth. Thanks for sharing good energy.

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    Posted by tauchung at 01/06/18 03:30:45

    Please enjoy your dream.

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    Posted by eric at 01/06/18 03:36:30

    Hi Anna,
    Have you watched our video yet?

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    Posted by AnnaWacker at 01/15/18 11:22:58

    Hi Mountainmystic,

    Thanks for your feedback.
    I am contacting different farmers and restaurant owners on islands to find my best options.

    I believe that your intentions are pure, but in regards to comments on my life and truth, this is crossing a boundary for me.

    How we choose to look at other people’s life (and maybe compare ourselves to) from the outside, may differ from reality. We are all different. For me, it does not make sense to compare. I don’t think that is where we will find happiness.
    Beauty is all around us – if we choose to see it. It is in cold winter back in Europe, and in the calm waves at sunset in the tropics.

    I am glad that you are writing that you are living your truth, and happy with the vegan lifestyle – so am I! And if you have the dream and desire, I hope that you will visit a place with more like-minded vegan folks like yourself some day, ex in Thailand or Bali.

    Best wishes, Anna

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    Posted by AnnaWacker at 01/15/18 11:24:10

    Thank you Tauchung, and happy new year!

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    Posted by GratefulDanishman at 01/15/18 11:35:42

    Hi Anna!

    Thank you for sharing your inspiring plans and positivity! I can not give you advice as to how to find organic produce, as I haven't been on a Thai island - YET! :)
    I wish you the best of luck and I hope you will have an unforgettable time there.

    BTW. I admire the way you make a clear statement about your personal boundaries. That, I believe, deserves respect.

    I wish you the very best.

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    Posted by AnnaWacker at 01/15/18 13:29:49

    Hello GratefulDanishman,

    Thank you so much!!! I am excited to go - and even more, to see which island it'll be!

    Have a great night.

    All the best, Anna

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 01/15/18 15:35:57


    Thank you for your comments. Very insightful and honestly stated.

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    Posted by eric at 01/15/18 16:44:18

    Hi Anna, I'm in SriThanu on Koh Phangan now. I forgot to mention this facebook group. I'm sure if you ask there you'll find info:'s an amazing community!

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    Posted by AnnaWacker at 01/16/18 10:19:13

    Hi Eric. Thank you so much!!
    I've watched the video - great! And I will contact and connect with the community on facebook. Heard a lot about Koh Phangan and SriThanu - this could very well be a place for me. :-) Enjoy! Maybe I'll see you there.
    Best wishes, Anna

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    Posted by ttugamer at 03/23/18 17:10:06

    I'm glad to hear Bangkok is a great place for vegans, i'm looking to take a Southeast Asia trip soon! Have you made it to Koh Phangan yet if so how vegan friendly did you find it to be? I've heard so much about both Thailand and Bali, I can't wait to get over there!

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