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I travel the entire state of Texas for work. I'm not happy with Burger King's Veggie Burger (no taste and not vegan), but I used to believe that was all there was on the road - until my wife found the Whatavegan. Whataburger is a huge chain of fast food stores around the southern US. They can make a Whataburger with hash brown sticks in place of the meat patty. Leave the mayo and cheese off and this is about as vegan as it gets out away from the cities. I get storage looks, but they usually do their best to take care of me. Does anyone have any other ideas for keeping vegan on the road?

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    Posted by AndyT at 08/02/15 20:47:48

    Great tip, thank you!

    Are there any of the new "Amy's", Chipotle or Subways in Texas?

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    Posted by kimartist at 11/05/15 10:58:41

    If you have a Smart Phone, or tablet (Sprint recently "gave" me one for "free" with easy monthly payments, lol), Happy Cow has a great app for finding places with healthy/healthier food options in any given area. I use the "include everything" option so that it will also give me health food stores, which usually have prepared foods even if there is no deli/restaurant on the premises.

    The problem I see with patronizing any fast food chain for sandwiches (even when converted to vegetarian), is that the bread/buns are filled with plastic fillers and other unpronounceables (see: for more info - she recently exposed Subway on this, but these fast-food places all use the same suppliers).

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