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Hey guys! I was wondering if any of you have ever studied abroad as a vegan. I've been thinking about going to Australia, but I'm nervous because of having to deal with a host family that are not vegan. If you guys have any tips or comments for me that would be wonderful!

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    Posted by linrx at 06/29/17 06:46:27

    Assuming you can stretch yourself a little further and explore Asian cuisine, consider Singapore or Malaysia as well. East meets west is quite balanced in these two Commonwealth countries. Going vegan is least of a concern in Singapore whether you are religious or just against carnism. The vegetarian community in Australia and East Coast USA are becoming more common as well, but in Singapore I can guarantee you that in every campus there are multiple meatless options no matter what your dietary preferences are.

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    Posted by lillypond at 06/29/17 08:16:59

    I was veggie since I was 12, and spent most of my high school years traveling through government delegations and staying in peoples homes. I never had an issue, as the family always check's you out prior to your arrival. Just be easy with food, and have an open communication channel with them. If they are massive meat eaters then keep some food in their fridge for your self, though most families go above an beyond to accommodate special dietary needs.

    Aussie families are big in to lamb and stuff like that, but one thing is for sure, they might be living at the end of the world, but they are not ditched from changes that are taking place (vegan movement) in the world. In general they are lovely easy going people and you should be fine.

    Good luck!

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    Posted by marlicious at 06/30/17 06:10:20

    I think Australia has a big vegetarian/vegan community so it's a good country to choose. I'm not sure though.

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    Posted by mmuqtasid at 06/30/17 14:02:10

    I'm in Belize not coexisting but feeling out the food options so I'm saying get out there. I find people are open to expanding their food choices and learning how to improve their health. So it would be an opportunity for you to do good. Using Air BNB provided opportunities for me to leave families better than I found them. People are curious about the trend towards better health, especially the youth.

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    Posted by fabrizio8 at 07/23/17 10:18:37

    No issues at all. Australia has many vagen community. You can cook by yourself if you are stick with this habit.

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    Posted by Coutlernile at 09/08/17 07:40:12

    Glad to know that you are vegan. Though I am not fully vegan yet. But trying my level best to do this. However, it's hard to continue because lots of people aren't vegan there. However, you should keep yourself safe and sound. Good luck!

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