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Hello dear reader!

I am alway looking for ideas of place to travel to, or at least to daydream about traveling to. It is my hope that by sharing the following list you will be inspired to offer me some suggestions of places that I might enjoy visiting. Of course I do not expect any one place to have all these qualities and be sure to let me know about place that you think I'd really enjoy even if they do not match up with my list.

Please be sure to ask my any clarifying or other questions that you may have. Thanks in advance for your assistance!

- All other things being equal, I prefer smaller towns and villages to cities.
- Extensive & inexpensive local & regional public transit systems particularly interconnected long distance ones that allow me to access natural areas and small towns.
- Mountain railways, gondolas, trams, aerial trams and ferries.
- Being in the midst of mountains and hills, both natural and populated areas.
- Options for Vegan, natural foods & ecological living being common.
- Strong protections for individual rights and personal privacy, ie. not being harassed, stopped, searched, etc for being a low-budget traveler.
- TREES! On the streets, in peoples yards, in parks and of course in forested/wooded natural areas - the more & wilder, the better
- Places that are inexpensive to visit and travel (sometimes touristy areas can actually be great in this way...)
- Public space: parks, plazas, libraries, universities & colleges
- Community gathering spaces: Info-shops, bookstores, cafes, food not bombs & punk picnics, alternative community centers
- Street/free culture: art, music, festivals, farmers & flea markets
- Friendly people. esp. like-minded ones who want to hang out & show me around
- Places with indigenous local culture AND international cultural diversity
- Places that Walkable & Bikeable
- Places that have unique &/or historical architecture, esp. brick, stone, wood &/or other natural building materials

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    Posted by Peace ... at 04/02/10 02:43:28

    SINGAPORE - a little small sunny island with about 5 million people. In here there are 500 vegetarian establishments and many vegetarian friendly non-vegetarian eateries.

    So, this can be considered as a Vegetarian Heaven and you get to enjoy all different type of vegetarian food (International Cuisine, Fusion, Organic, Chinese Vegetarian Cuisine, Indian Vegetarian Cuisine, Local Multi-racial fare (veg*n of course), Peranakan Cuisine, Asian Cuisine (Thai, Vietnam ), Mediterranean Cuisine, SPA-Veg-Organic Cuisine .... the list goes on)

    If you don't want to dine alone here , check up the vegetarian or organic meetup group for the next eatery that they go too. ALL are welcome to join and they are very friendly.

    1. Vegetarian Meetup Group known as Organic Living (towards an Organic Conscious Singapore)

    2. The Singapore Vegetarian Meetup Group (

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    Posted by Peace ... at 04/02/10 02:49:25

    Transportation is not expensive, as the public transport system here is real good and after all this island is not too big either from one end to the other, required about 1.5hr travel time on public transport (Bus, MRT) ...

    If you don't really like Urban or City, we do have some place like the Wet Land, Bukit Timah Hill, The Pulau Ubin Island and the country side - Kranji ... You get to see city live and some country side ... too

    From Singapore, you can go to Malaysia or Bintan/Batam Island (Indonesian Island) very easily and do not cost much. So, you get to see more and experience more ...

    And should you need any more info, just go to Vegetarian Society Singapore Forum and post your query there.

    If you need to know more about Singapore - click here -

    If you want to know which hotel have a vegetarian restaurant which are the places with the most vegetarian eateries - just let us know.

    Bugis, Little India, Chinatown, Geylang are places with lots of veg eateries. And most of the foodcourt or hawker centre here, does have vegetarian stall which is good for budget eat.

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    Posted by Cascadian at 04/03/10 11:17:02

    Thanks for the reply and the info about Singapore! :)

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