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I'm a US expat in Buenos Aires on a quest to find pomegranate (granada, in Spanish) fruit or juice. I've been told it's available, but so far I haven't found any in the health foods or vegetarian restaurants. Anyone have any suggestions?

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    Posted by Jeffrey at 10/18/09 16:51:01

    I've discovered a cheap and little-known source of pomegranite juice. I'm not sure if Buenos Aires has any, but go to a Middle Eastern shop if one exists. Lebanon and a few other countries in that area produce bottles of what is called "pomegranite mollases". I have found a brand from Lebanon that is pure concentrated pomegranite juice, and nothing else. Some of the other ones add some preservatives though. The health food store here in Hawaii has it, and it costs only $3/bottle. You just use a tablespoon in water, and it is great. Big bottles of pomegranite juice are wicked expensive, and all they are is dilluted concentrate, the same thing.

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