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Time to geek out! Here are the veg restaurants per million people for various US states and (all) Canadian provinces. There are some surprises. Note that I only used what Happy Cow lists as vegan or vegetarian restaurants (no veg-friendly restaurants or any stores).

First, the US vs. Canada as a whole:

US: 7.1 veg restaurants per million people
Canada: 14.8 veg restaurants per million people--Canada wins handily with almost double the value of the US!

Now the top 10 US states:

(DC, while not a state, has (extrapolated due to having fewer than a million people) 41.8 veg restaurants per million people)

1. Hawaii 28.6
2. Oregon 23.6
3. Vermont 19.2 (extrapolated)
4. New York 14.1 (largely due to NYC, which has over 200 veg restaurants--upstate has a significant lower amount per capita)
5. California 12.7 (surprised this is lower than New York, but see NYC comment above)
6. Massachusetts 11.9
7. Washington 11.7
8. New Hampshire 11.2
9. New Jersey 9.9
10. Maine 9.8

Anyone surprised these are all Pacific or Northeastern states? Not me!

Now the bottom 10 in the US:

1. South Dakota 0 (the only state with no veg restaurant)
2. Mississippi 1.0
3. Kansas 1.0 (this isn't actually tied with Mississippi, I just only include to one decimal point)
4. Louisiana 1.1
5. North Dakota 1.3
6. Alabama 1.6
7. Wyoming 1.7
8. Oklahoma 2.3
9. Arkansas 2.4
10. Minnesota 2.4 (surprisingly low)

Thus, the Plains States and (mainly western) parts of the Southeast rank lowest.

One state that should be higher is Colorado (5.3 veg restaurants per million people), which is actually below average for the US. They should have more given that people are generally health-conscious, and at least parts of the state are quite progressive.

Now a listing of the Canadian provinces:

Yukon 53.6 (Note that Yukon only has 37000 people. There are 2 veg restaurants listed, but being spaced far apart, that would hardly make Yukon a veg mecca.)
British Columbia 24.5
Ontario 17.3
Quebec 12.9
New Brunswick 10.6 (extrapolated)
Nova Scotia 9.6 (extrapolated)
Alberta 8.6
Prince Edward Island 6.8 (extrapolated)
Saskatchewan 6.2
Newfoundland & Labrador 5.7 (extrapolated)
Manitoba 3.9

Northwest Territories & Nunavut have 0.

Canada's provinces with major urban centers do best, but even the prairie provinces do much better than their central US counterparts.

Hopefully the numbers for both countries will continue to increase!


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