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I'm moving from California (international cuisine heaven) to Georgia (need I say more?) & I have this very large (& justifiable) fear that I'll never eat healthy again!

Alternatively, I guess I could start my own restaurant, but it would definitely have to cater to Southern tastes, at least in the beginning. (This is assuming that it's even possible to get one off the ground.)


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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 11/06/15 04:11:30

    I haven't been to Atlanta for almost twenty years, but back then there were quite a few veg/vegan stores and restaurants. Even raw food vegan eateries!

    A google search for veg/vegan businesses in most any town will help.

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    Posted by kimartist at 11/06/15 10:43:17

    Thanks. I just did a search using the Happy Cow app and the nearest thing is 33 miles away. (I will be in the boondocks south of Atlanta. No doubt Atlanta proper will be plentious!) So it's on to my idea of starting one and/or attracting one that might be willing to open a location...

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