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Nepal. This is where the idea of vegetarianism first took hold with me, the first place where i had a full day without eating meat. they also don't eat cow milk products and the effects on thier skin and not looking thier age shows that the lack of the DAILY INTAKE of toxins and the necessary attempt at flushing them out by the skin and liver associated with these persistant.ozonic,not sure if this is the right word.pollutants makes on thier daily quality of life.

the scenery in nepal is something that is not exsounged by the houche culture reliant, norm sponsored- finance driven travel agent industry or its subsideries but it must be seen to be believed.

It is the first place where i actually seen a banana tree and driving the sometimes risky roads amoung these huge spiralling green valleys has cause to be endemic.

katmandu amoung its half carved out tree half atrium to wandering smells of incence from out of street stall cultures you'll find late night casinos and bakeries you never thought could have existed. A mixture of spiritual ideas that will leave you anything but unchanged and temples that are arranged around naturalistic beauty horizons and that has shaped the area around them since thier inception.

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