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I have a trip coming up to NYC and I need advice on where to stay. Any suggestions?

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    Posted by Debsue at 05/03/12 08:43:41

    Hi there happycowgirl
    Don't know if you have been to NYC yet. My son and I stayed at the New Yorker which is a fantastic hotel but a bit pricey. There are lots of places to stay though.
    Foodwise the New Yorker has a fifties diner attached to it called Ticktock, corner of 34th St and 8th Avenue (which sells vegetarian macaroni cheese. Not all cheese is vegetarian in New York and it is not labelled in most restaurants or Pizza establishments. The best vegetarian takeaway food establishment (has a few seats)is Terri at 60w. 23rd Street does a whole range of vegan subs, everything is vegan and fantastic. There is also Loving Hut at 348 7th Avenue (corner of 29th/30th St) again all vegan, chinese and thai food. Also Viva Herbal Pizzeria at 179 2nd Avenue which is further down in East Village.
    The Comfort Inn on 35th is quite cheap. You will love it in New Yok, you must try Terri on
    Regards, Debbie

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 05/08/12 13:04:44

    Debbie, thx so much! I will def check this out.

    I love finding deals, but it's ok if it's pricey. I'm only going for a wkend so I can splurge.

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 01/02/13 11:23:25

    Wanted to update this thread. I found a great place to stay in Brooklyn! Specifically, it's in the Park Slope neighborhood. It's called the Park Slope Inn. About $200/nt. Check it out here:

    What makes the place so great is that the restaurant S'Nice is just around the corner so you'll never be without veg*n eats. S'Nice has breakfast, lunch and is open most nights till 10pm.

    Plus, the Park Slope Inn is right on 5th Ave so you can walk down 5th and check out all kinds of shops and find many other veg-friendly restaurants. Prospect Park is a short walk up the hill and has some great running/bicycle trails.

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    Posted by Longdrive at 01/02/13 13:26:20

    Chelsea International, 251 W. 20th St., and good value at $48. / night. (Larry's meat free burgers half a block west of main entrance). $20. a night is too cheap. Be careful.
    P.S. We'll miss you.

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    Posted by alaina616 at 01/04/13 12:03:27

    If your in park slope make sure to try Sun in Bloom for breakfast or lunch.
    Dao Palate is vegan restaurant in that area. Also Bogota has veggie and vegan dishes.
    Blossom cafe on Carmine Street in Manhattan has great vegan food.
    Atlas Cafe on 2nd Avenue also has a huge veggie and vegan selection, and about 90% of their deserts of from Vegan Treats!
    Zen Palate is also a great veggie restaurant.

    There's tons of hotels in NYC, unfortunately I've never stayed at any because I live here, so I have no recommendations. Unlike places to eat, which I have tons.

    Oh and make sure to check out the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. They are wonderful.

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    Posted by evZENy at 03/18/13 09:17:09

    We just booked with my daughter Pod51 in Manhattan. Will be there next week. Happycow shows 7 veg*n restaurants within a mile of it!
    186$/night with the taxes.

    Now I am trying to figure out if the HappyCow app is useful without WiFi or not.

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    Posted by webmaster at 03/18/13 09:54:06

    Hi evZENy,
    The HappyCow app will let you save listings for offline viewing. That way you'll have addresses and phone #s handy when you don't have WiFi.

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