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Guys - today I took some time out from my work & went "walkabout" in Hong Kong Island for a few hours. Hong Kong is a very easy & convenient place to stay /​ thrive as a vegan. Every few blocks you see a well stocked fresh fruit stall. Every area has at least 1 Chinese vegetarian restaurant /​ cafe with the vast majority of dishes being vegan. In a few places we have 100% vegan restaurants either with gorgeous Buddhist altars at their centre /​ a few are located in the grounds of temples surrounded by flowering trees. Today's big bonus for me was walking through Hong Kong Park in the Admiralty District of Hong KOng Island & discovering that my favorite Chinese tea shop which serves only vegan dim-sum had reopened after having been closed for too many weeks. Their menu changes daily. I will submit the details to Eric tonight. It should be listed on the Hong Kong page within a few days. Search, visit & enjoy! Did you know that in hell unfortunate souls are able to drink unlimited amounts of fine teas - but they are forced to eat dim-sum made with cooked pieces of the bodies of tortured animals between sips!

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    Posted by Chia at 06/13/07 16:11:23

    Hey there Johnnysensible. Nice to read your message. So great to be alive and taking leisure walks, eh?!! Curious to know if you speak Cantonese. Also, do you know if the restaurants in Hong Kong use MSG? Can you taste it in the food? If yes, does it bother you? Not everyone is allergic; in fact, I am the only one in my family that can feel the side effects. To my knowledge many Asian places, both in the US and in Asia, commonly use MSG... Your feedback?

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 06/16/07 23:37:54

    Hi Chia, I know Cantonese sign language! MSG is part of the culture here. A few Hong Kong restaurants are "MSG" free - pretty much all of them are aware of the allergy problem & will cook without it when requested. I am now heading out for afternoon tea in "Lock Cha" - then another walk in Hong Kong Park! Eric has listed it on HappyCow now so I expect to be needing to reserve tables soon! Take a look at the "busier" Hong Kong pages & book your ticket.

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    Posted by comida at 08/29/07 12:00:46

    johnnysensible, thanks for all your HKG reviews!

    chia, just a quick note - you'll find that that apart from Cantonese, Mandarin is now very widely spoken in HKG.

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