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Hi fellow vegans,
I'm about to get for a quite long period (6-8 weeks) to live in Nuuk — Greenland. The place is not even registred on HappyCow… just to give you an idea of how I'm feeling desperate.
I'm afraid every single thing is going to be very expensive in local stores as I'm going to have to buy imported stuff — such as vegetables cans and tons of lentils. I'm very concern about climate change too and used to try to eat 0km food, so that I'm even more desperate.
I was wandering if some of you already had to live that much in the north of the globe, in Iceland for exemple, or Danemark maybe? If yes, do you have any advices or recommandation?
Thanks a lot!

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    Posted by martinicontomate at 06/26/17 21:44:59


    I was alone on a trip on Iceland last year. I think it may be easier to get some vegan food on Iceland, however some tips may be useful for you.

    At first, forget about the km0 products. On Iceland almost every produce was imported, with only the expection of tomatoes - those were annouced as a something extraordinary. I think it is not to grow them in this climate. But besides, in every supermarket you can get imported fruits, such as bananas, peaches, apples. On Iceland there was a huge selection of berries, too.

    Other produces I used during my trip was bread and tomato cans. Also you can get some granola. Ah, there are not many supermarkets in Iceland, but almost everyone of this had vegan foods, which was not precisely small, offering e.g. plant milks and Violife cheese - it is far better than in Spain where I live.

    I think that 1-2 months is pretty manageable, it is just a question of being organized and find cheap stores. And if you are afraid of not getting anything, try to bring some food with you (cans, rice, pasta) that will make easier the beginnings.

    Good luck

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 06/28/17 08:02:58

    Hi Gwen-

    People think that they need meat to make it through the cold. What a lie. Being vegan works fine in freezing temperatures and there is no advantage to meat, so do not let other people with false views that live there phase you.

    Rosemary tea helps if you get real cold because it is a thermogenic herb that immediately brings warmth to the body and relieves some headaches. There are many warming herbs, I like Schisandra myself, but you need a good herb book or a professional herbalist to see if it will work for you. Herbs can have contra-indications for pregnancy, menstruation, or if you are on medicine already. Also, you need to know if your tongue is white, red, yellow, purple, normal or coated. These tongue colors and your pulse explain which temperature qualities are digestible for you. Herbs are vegan medicine and they help bring happiness when one has cabin fever, they can help bring warmth, they heal all illnesses and they can keep you alert or help you sleep.

    If you are interested in studying herbs while you are away, on line there is a radio show called "The Herbal Highway" by Karyn Saunders. Then when you return you can visit a state licensed herbalist and see what these magic plants do.

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