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I went to Berlin, because I was invited by my dad to come for 10 days. He lives in another part of Germany so I was at cafes and restaurants. I was surprised at how few vegetarian dishes most places lacked. I am a vegan, but had to eat mostly vegetarian, because I need to eat something. I'm not asking for places that are vegetarian, but your thoughts on what can be morally acceptable baring certain situations.

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    Posted by jive at 09/02/10 02:38:22

    Hi albaster

    I would start by saying that survival is not a crime. Its not unlike self-defense, in that, sometimes protecting yourself means putting up your fists and being ready for a fight.

    On the other hand, it takes alot longer than 10 days for the human body to starve. And Germany probably has its fair share of grocery stores.

    I know that when I went to Missouri (not a veg friendly place either), I made sure to stop off at a grocery store and buy foods to carry around with me.

    Nothing is a better measure of what is morally acceptable than the voice of your own conscience. In the end, people can only help you to see what you have overlooked. Its up to you to determine whether it is right or wrong.

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    Posted by alblaster at 09/02/10 11:49:40

    I would have stopped in a grocery store if I had time. We were busy seeing things and going places.

    "Nothing is a better measure of what is morally acceptable than the voice of your own conscience."

    Exactly. I eat vegan when I can and eat vegetarian if I have to, but I don't feel guilt. Feeling guilty doesn't solve problems. Understanding where the guilt originates from does.

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    Posted by Fritz at 09/03/10 08:05:48

    "I eat vegan when I can and eat vegetarian if I have to, but I don't feel guilt."

    Well said! Thanks for this excellent statement!

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    Posted by rubberbandball at 10/24/10 15:05:36

    Hope you don't mind me hijacking the thread a bit; what are vegetarian choices in normal Berlin restaurants like? Fresh veggie food or mostly of the heated up frozen veg/pommes frittes/fried cheese variety? Are specialised vegetarian restaurants scarce? Danke.

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    Posted by AndyT at 10/25/10 05:03:53

    Interesting - I have not been to Berlin in the last 10 years, but I always thought that Berlin has a fair share of Vegan and Vegetarian restaurants. The Happycow guide lists 10 vegan and 15 vegetarian and some more veg-friendly restaurants.

    Also, in Germany, you should be reasonably safe in Chinese or Italian places - they nearly always have some vegan options (like Pasta with tomato sauce or a salad with balsamico dressing). And if there is nothing on the menu, simply ask for it! I have been lucky with that approach so far.

    Best regards,

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