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So im travelling to belarus and ukraine in the summer. Any advice. I dont know any russian but Will be having a friend write some vegetables and such in russian..

Are there any dishes that could easily be made vegan or things to watch our for?


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    Posted by backpasher at 07/20/09 06:19:59


    Just reading this now, so hope it's not goo late!

    I visited Belarus in 2008. I was only in Minsk and Brest. I had a pretty tough find even finding vegetarian food there, let alone vegan food. Certainly at restaurants this was the case.

    I went to local supermarkets to buy a lot of my own food and that was fine. Though as a vegan you will undoubtedly find the info your friend writes down to be greatly useful.

    English isn't spoken much at all in Belarus, except for in some hotels and more expensive restaurants. So unless you speak Russian or can find an English speaker to translate, it'll be difficult for you to eat out as a vegan.

    There are a couple of international restaurants on Prospekt 20-22 (Проспект Независимости 20-22) where the waiters/waitresses speak some English, so you could try there. Perhaps if there isn't something on the menu that IS vegan, they can make you something or suggest somewhere where you might be able to find something. Menus are also in English.

    There is apparently a Tibetan restaurant at Jomolungma (Джомолунгма) Gikalo 7 (Гикало 7) which may also have some options, though I've not been so don't know for sure.

    Also check out

    Best advice I can give for visiting Belarus is to learn the Cyrillic alphabet before you go. It'll make your visit there a hell of a lot easier. And it's really not that hard!

    Good luck!!

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