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Traveling to Greece and hope to get out of Athens to the islands... anyone know veg friendly places or staples, key phrases in Greek?, anything to avoid?...

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    Posted by DC1346 at 06/12/13 20:27:58

    I used to summer in Greece while working in Saudi Arabia. It's cheap ... if you know what you're doing.

    Regarding the food:

    If you're a lacto-vegetarian, avoid the milk. It's unpasteurized.

    Aginares a la Polita is a vegetarian stew made with artichokes, carrots, and potatoes and seasoned with lemon and dill.

    Briam is a is a roasted vegetable dish with a rich tomato sauce.

    Spanakorizo is a rice pilaf with spinach and tomatoes.

    Bamies Latheres me Domata - stewed okra.

    Revithatha is a rustic chickpea stew with potatoes and onions. Enjoy this with a salad and a crusty bread.

    Lahanosalata - a Greek version of coleslaw that uses olive oil and lemon juice instead of mayonnaise.

    Soupa me Bizelia - Split Pea Soup (vegan)

    Spanakopita - Spinach Pie - a traditional spinach pie is made with feta cheese but this version does not have cheese.

    Taxis: Some taxis don't have meters. If you get into a taxi without a meter, ask the driver how much it will cost to take you wherever it is you're going. If you don't do this, be prepared to be taken to the proverbial cleaners.

    Shopping: Most tourists go to the Placa which is section of Athens filled with stores and restaurants. Feel free to dicker in the stores. You can bargain prices down if you're so inclined.

    Things to Do:
    Visit the prison of Socrates. This will give you an excellent view of the Pantheon. You must of course, visit the Pantheon.

    If you like museums, visit the Acropolis Museum as well as the National Archaeological Museum (Ethniko Archaiologiko Museo)and the Byzantine Museum (Vizantino Museo).

    Rent a car or ask the concierge of your hotel for a car and driver. Visit the Temple of Poseidon Sounion outside Athens. This temple is built on a narrow peninsula surrounded on 3 sides by crashing waves. It's well worth visiting.

    Visit the Temple of Hephaestus.

    Visit the Odeum of Herodes Atticus - this is a 2nd century theater that's built into a hillside.

    There are literally hundreds of things to do. You'd be well advised to get a travel book or you can google a search for things to do in Athens.

    Have a great trip!

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