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Hey, is there any vegan or veganish coffee shops in amsterdam, perhaps one that offers v space cake?
Other tips and suggestions are welcome too :)

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    Posted by tobyz at 12/06/14 14:07:00

    Yes. TerraZen Centre at Sint Jacobsstraat 19hs 1012 NC Amsterdam; tel 0684851848;
    I was there in June 2014, and it was delicious and very welcoming. It's situated close to the center but off along a small canal. Although there are many vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Amsterdam (serving cheese in everything), I found only this vegan restaurant.

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    Posted by Vegan-High at 01/20/17 14:02:43

    Hi guys,
    so vegan restaurants are more common now a days, check out the vegan amsterdam website!
    And for vegan space cake or edibles you can send an email to
    Happy to help you!

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    Posted by Marksson at 01/23/18 20:03:26

    What vegan Amsterdam website?

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    Posted by at 02/12/18 10:46:54

    I was I Amerstam recently and found it very accommodation for vegans. I loved the Alchemist Gardens. It was amazing. We went their 3 times. It is well worth a visit. It's mainly raw dishes but everything is organic. Must go if you are in the neighborhood. As for solely vegan cafe, I am not sure but many cafes have vegan option, including vegan spacecakes

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    Posted by justkel at 03/03/18 23:15:23

    I was so disappointed when I went to Amsterdam for not finding any vegan edibles. Not gonna lie, I have had a couple though. And got [censored]-faced. That’s about the only slip-up I’ve ever experienced in my 3.5 years of Veganism. Amsterdam is another world. Porn and drugs on every corner ahaha. Enjoy. Also, TerraZen (cafe, not coffeeshop) was really nice when I went the first time, but when I went back again it was shut down, which is a shame cause I made friends with a guy that worked there haha)

    But excluding the vegan edibles. Generally some good coffeeshops to check out when you’re there if you’re looking for a good smoke: Abraxas, bulldog, dampkring, barneys....

    Man, I don’t even smoke anymore but when I think of Amsterdam, it’s pure nostalgia.

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