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I know that in Poland there are pubs or something like this where people can eat for example fast-food without meat, cheese.. But I want to know that in Poland there are VEGAN or VEGETARIAN pubs? In particular, Szczecin :D

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    Posted by savetheanimals at 04/01/13 18:14:35

    I looked at szczecin and you so close to the German border. It is true that there aren't any vegan places in szczecin (according to happycow) If you cross the German border and go to Berlin that looks like the best closest vegan hot spot for you. They have 16 vegan restaurants one vegan shoe shop, one vegan fashion store, one vegan collective, one vegan delivery service, four vegan caterers and 39 health food stores including one vegan one. If need to stay inside Poland then the closest vegan friendly city to you is Wroclaw. It is farther away then Berlin but it is also inside Poland. It has 2 vegan restaurants and 3 health food stores. You seemed to thing that there were no places in Krakow in another post there are two vegan restaurants- RO Raw Organic and RO Raw Organic - Golebia and five health food stores in Krakow.