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Vegetarian Hotel Stays Around the World Looking for an all vegetarian Hotel, Bed & Breakfast, Hostel, or Vacation Rental? Currently with listings in 65 Countries covering every Continent and Major Island Area. Happy Veg Travels!! Post Date: 05/22/18, Replies: 5 05/22/18 5
Nothing to Eat in this Place Hello fellow vegans, As you probably would have guessed I'm a travelling vegan. However I have one big problem. Where I stay there's literally nothing to eat. I cannot go into detail. The self service dining room has a very small choice and everything has meat on it even salad. The only food there is is some french fries and old bananas. I cannot buy anything from the store (which is 1 hour away), because there's no vegan prepared foods and I cannot store fresh foods anywhere. I cannot cook either. I cannot find any vegan options in restaurants. I am eating a very bad diet (still vegan ofc) for quite some days now and I feel horrible. I will get sick if I won't eat healthier but there literally are no other options. Locals either don't understand or hate vegans. I don't know anymore what to do I'm also trying to stay low budget Has anyone had similar experience? Don't hesitate to share or pm me Love Post Date: 05/22/18, Replies: 0 05/22/18 0
Amsterdam - Vegan coffee shop Hey, is there any vegan or veganish coffee shops in amsterdam, perhaps one that offers v space cake? Other tips and suggestions are welcome too :) Post Date: 05/22/18, Replies: 6 05/22/18 6
Italy Travel for a Vegan - Guided Tour My family and I are going to Italy for 8 days. It is a guided tour of three cities and not much time to search for restaurants. Can anyone suggestion how to veganize what I order? Any tips and suggestions, please it will be greatly appreciated. Post Date: 05/22/18, Replies: 2 05/22/18 2
Airline vegan food review Copy of what I just sent to Delta: THIS IS FOR THE CATERING COMPANY FOR DELTA #1551 MSP-LAS Thank you for offering a "Vegetarian (Pure)" VGML meal on this flight. However, if I wanted to eat a bland, boring, insipid "grilled veggie sandwich", I could have brought it onto the plane from any number of restaurants in the airport. You should be ashamed of offering this "meal" in first class. Lettuce on a plain whole wheat bun with 2 slices each of zucchini and yellow squash topped off with a slice of grilled red onion. Dry, no condiments, nothing else. "Salad": 10 cherry tomatoes cut in half along with maybe 10 quarter round slices of cucumber covered in some greasy oil (dressing?). I guess the 2 slices of cantaloupe and pineapple were supposed to be "dessert" Pathetic! Here's an idea: Take whatever the non-vegan meal is and make it vegan. So, instead of the ham and cheese sandwich offered to others, you could use vegan ham slices (they exist - go shopping at Whole Foods to see the variety of manufacturers) and vegan cheese slices (such as Daiya). Other choice was some sort of white rice and chicken dish. VERY easy to veganize: brown rice (using vegetable broth) and either Gardein or Beyond Meat grilled "chix" strip/breast. See, no need to use the grilled veggies in either of these entrees. May I suggest to the "chef" in the company that they get a vegan cookbook and use those recipes instead of using the brain-dead, stuck in the '50s ones I got last night for "dinner". I refuse to eat grilled veggie sandwiches in restaurants, and I certainly didn't eat it on the plane. I had a bag of the cranberry blueberry crunch things, about 30 little bags of peanuts and the fruit slices instead. Post Date: 05/22/18, Replies: 8 05/22/18 8
Vegan volunteer opportunity in Malaysia Hello! Thought the following project might be interesting to some of you on here. A vegan sanctuary I volunteered with last summer are looking for an assistant manager to stay with them for minimum 3 months in Malaysia, near Kuala Lumpur. The work is super hard in terms of manual labour and working under the sun but the sanctuary is a really amazing place. There's 500 dogs and cats and it is run by two amazing vegan women. I can't recommend the sanctuary enough; I'm still heartbroken after having to leave the dog I fell in love with there :( They're also offering a basic living allowance after a two week trial period. Also if anyone knows someone that might be interested please let them know or if you know a site I could post this onto. They're really struggling at the moment and could do with some help. They currently have a page up on Workaway if you search "vegan malaysia" you should find it. Feel free to message me if you have any questions or contact the farm directly on their FB page to save having to pay workaway fees if you don't have an account: Furry Friends Farm Malaysia Post Date: 05/16/18, Replies: 0 05/16/18 0
Vegan THC edibles in amsterdam? Hi everyone, I am going to amsterdam this november and was wondering if anyone knows about coffee shops selling vegan space cakes/brownie/cookies? I've looked online but haven't found anything for now :( I'm desperate - please help mee :) Post Date: 05/13/18, Replies: 4 05/13/18 4
Central American- Tips for eating vegan? I'll be traveling to Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. I'm writing down a list of all the vegan restaurants where I'm going, but I know there will be times where I'm going to end up somewhere that's not technically vegan. What are you tips for eating vegan in these situations? Go to foods? What are some hidden animal products I should look out for? etcetc. And any other tips you have! Thanks Post Date: 05/11/18, Replies: 2 05/11/18 2
Spanish Wells Bahamas-Vegan Style I am traveling to Spanish Wells this weekend and I have already scouted out the places to eat that are Vegan Friendly and so excited to go to their grocery store and find some awesome vegan choices to cook while there. Post Date: 05/08/18, Replies: 0 05/08/18 0
Vegan Friendly All Inclusive Resort Hotel? Hi everyone! I'm looking to book a holiday for next summer somewhere in the mediterranean (Spain, Greece, Cyprus etc). I'd like to find an all inclusive hotel that is vegan friendly (i'd settle for somewhere that just labels what is suitable for vegans on the buffet). Has anyone had any luck in finding somewhere like this? The usual travel agents (Thomson / First Choice / Thomas Cook) are pretty useless when it comes to providing information about the food served at the hotels they have. I'd prefer to support a establishment that has veganism on their radar than just any old hotel. Thanks! Post Date: 05/08/18, Replies: 3 05/08/18 3
Greek vegan friendly hotel I'm looking for a hotel in Greece (preferable Santorini, Mykonos, or Crete) which can provide vegan meals as part of a half or full board package holiday - any recommendations? There doesn't seem to be many listings on here for restaurants and I don't want to have any concerns with the language barrier. Thanks! Post Date: 05/08/18, Replies: 0 05/08/18 0
Being Vegan in Florence I went to Florence last year and found the best vegan ice cream. Head to Perché no! (translated to Why not!) Rated by some as the best ice cream shop in Florence, this small gelateria offers a range of SFV ice creams made from soy and rice milk. They are easy to differentiate as they are in a separate window, and flavours include vanilla, chocolate sorbet and hazelnut. FYI: THE HAZLENUT IS AMAZING! Gelateria Vivaldi and Gelateria Edoardo also offer a range of flavours which are definitely worth a try including rum, chocolate and pear! I've written a blog about my trip which you can see here: Post Date: 05/08/18, Replies: 1 05/08/18 1
Going to the UK in the Fall. Going to the UK for the first time ever late October through most of November. Will be there for a month traveling all over (but skipping Ireland this trip, unfortunately.) What are the "not miss" vegan eats? We also love beer so recommendations of pubs with vegan food would be great. Also, I really want good traditional British food done vegan (where's the best full English? The best Sunday roast? "Fish" and chips; etc. And my husband is keen on shepherds pie.) Not as concerned about healthy as we will be on vacation and not as worried about that. But if there is a super healthy vegan place that can't be missed please let me know. And Indian food. We both love it and have heard Indian food in the UK is a must. Please let me know suggestions of great Indian places with vegan options. Thanks! - Cassandra Post Date: 04/17/18, Replies: 0 04/17/18 0
Enabling vegan travel sustainabilitü Enlightenrnent and a project of living vvhile travelling; aligned vvith the planet and alongside veganisrn. Post Date: 04/13/18, Replies: 0 04/13/18 0
Thailand Vegetarian Festival Hi everyone! I attended the Phuket Vegetarian festival a few years ago and absolutely loved it - so much great food. This year I'm planning to be in Thailand while the vegetarian festival is on again (YAY!) Has anyone experienced the vegetarian festival in Bangkok? Just wondering how it compares to Phuket? Post Date: 04/12/18, Replies: 2 04/12/18 2
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Vegan explanatory card in 83 languages!! No more Vegan confusion when traveling. These V Cards explain the needs of a Vegan Diet in 83 different languages, including; Afrikaans / Albanian / Arabic / Armenian / Azerbaijani / Basque / Belarusian / Bengali / Bosnian / Bulgarian / Cambodian / Catalan / Cebuano / Chinese(Simplified) / Chinese(Traditional) / Croatian / Czech / Danish / Dutch / English / Esperanto / Estonian / Filipino / Finnish / French / Galacian / Georgian / German / Greek / Guajarati / Haitian Creole / Hausa / Hebrew / Hindi / Hmong / Hungarian / Icelandic / Igbo / Indonesian / Irish / Italian / Japanese / Javanese / Kannada / Khmer / Korean / Lao / Latin / Latvian / Lithuanian / Macedonian / Malay / Maltese / Maori / Marathi / Mongolian / Mongolian / Nepali / Norwegian / Persian / Polish / Portuguese / Punjabi / Romanian / Russian / Serbian / Slovak / Slovenian / Spanish / Swahili / Swedish / Tamil / Teluga / Thai / Turkish / Ukrainian / Urdu / Vietnamese / Welsh / Yiddish / Yoruba / Zulu Simply hand this card to your Server, Chef or Host in their prospective language! Trouble with the pronunciation, try plugging the text from any of the languages into Google Translate or any other online audio pronunciation guide. Download or Print - Happy Vegan Travels!! Post Date: 04/05/18, Replies: 12 04/05/18 12
Thailand Island life Hi everyone! I would love some advice and good pointers on my upcomming island adventure in Thailand. I hope you guys can help me out . :-) My name is Anna, I am vegan and currently live in Bangkok, Thailand. Btw. Bangkok is a GREAT place to live vegan! Anyway, I am travelling to South Thailand to live the island life, and I am wondering which island would be best for me. I am planning to cook (most of my raw vegan meals) myself, so I need acces to fresh organic fruits and vegetables. It is crusial for me that the produce is organic - expecially with the high amount of pesticides use in Thailand. I've heard some great things about Koh Phangan, but cannot figure out if buying organic veg and fruits is accesable. So, what do you guys think? :) Hope you all are living the happy and fruity life! Post Date: 03/25/18, Replies: 12 03/25/18 12
The best vegan fro-yo/ice cream in London! Hey everyone! So before going vegan, one of my all-time favorite things to eat was frozen yogurt. For a while it was pretty difficult to find a suitable replacement, until I found a place called 'Yorica' located just off of Oxford Street in London. If you're in the area, I would highly recommend going here!! Not only do they have fro-yo, but they also have a ton of vegan ice cream flavors (the best IMO are cookie dough and peanut butter), and they also serve milkshakes and waffles. Here's a link to their website: If you're traveling to London soon, add this to your to-do list! Enjoy! Post Date: 03/20/18, Replies: 0 03/20/18 0
Gran Canaria vegan food items Hi When I was on holiday in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria I found some vegan foods which I thought might be handy for others to know about. First one is a soy milk of the brand "Vive Soy" which is found in SPAR. I only tried the one in a blue carton which was vanilla flavored. Even the small grocery stores had this brand, but when I went to a bigger SPAR, they had 5-6 different kinds of plant milk, even "Oatly" and "Alpro". Second are veggie burgers of the brand "Sojasun". They come in a box of two, and isn't too expensive. They taste quite good, a bit of curry, and I like the fact that they are not like the fake meat which tries really hard to taste like meat. I found them in a bigger SPAR in the frigde section next to sausages & other meaty stuff. Last one is a hummus which is sooo good! Ate it every day since I found it. The brand is "Argal Cocina" and I found it next to the cheeses. Definately worth a try! (The avocados in Gran Canaria are amazing as well - and huge!) Hope you found this helpful. Post Date: 03/05/18, Replies: 1 03/05/18 1
Dublin Hi all, I'll travel to Dublin in a few weeks. Does anyone have restaurant tips for me? Sightseeing tips are welcome too. Thanks! Ellis Post Date: 03/05/18, Replies: 4 03/05/18 4
The rest of Iceland? I'm going to Iceland over the summer and curious about anyone's vegan experiences outside of Reykjavik. With so many people going there these days I see a lot about all the great options in Reykjavik, but we'll be spending 2 weeks going around the whole country so I'd be interested in hearing about any gems you've run into -- either restaurants or good shops along the way to stock up. We'll be camping a lot and plan to cook for ourselves for most of the trip, but would love to go out our way for a couple treat meals. Thanks! Post Date: 02/25/18, Replies: 0 02/25/18 0
Vegan on a Japanese school trip? I just started taking Japanese, and I know that there's going to be a trip at the end of senior year (im a junior rn). The only problem with this is I know they aren't accommodating with vegan diets, there was this one incident last year where they had to eat a meal at the school, and there was a yogurt in the meal. One of the kids then explained that he was lactose intolerant, and that he'd feel really sick the whole day if he drank it. He promptly was told he had to be respectful so he eventually chocked it down and let it reign havoc on his insides. I'm not sure if I should just try to eat as vegan as possible and occasionally have something with animal products (only if it's given to me). I don't want to be a pain in the ass and ask the teachers for special treatment (heck they didn't even care when the guy had allergies) but I also know I'll feel [censored]ty if I eat animal products. What should I do? Post Date: 02/18/18, Replies: 5 02/18/18 5
Vegan everyday foods in Taiwan? Hey all :) Will be travelling to Taiwan for a few weeks, with pretty much no knowledge of Chinese or Taiwanese culture (yes, I'll read into it a bit... but there's only so much you can learn in a limited time eh). Since I'll be travelling with a group I probably won't be able to pick my restaurants, so I was wondering if there's any 'safe' vegan foods? Basically things that are sold at most restaurants/convenience stores/street vendors and are vegan 99% of the time, or alternatively can be easily veganised. (Please teach me how to say "Without the sauce, please!" haha) I found this article which seems a good start, but I'm also not sure how specific some of these are to Taipei (where I won't be), and it doesn't mention the Chinese names... so for example all I could find when searching for "steamed rice buns vegetable taiwan" was "Gua Bao (Taiwanese Pork Belly Buns)" xD Any and all advice welcome, be it snacks, full meals or other maybe useful tips :) Thanks in advance! :D (Sorry if someone has posted/answered something like this already...) Post Date: 02/18/18, Replies: 0 02/18/18 0
Layover in Salt Lake City Flying back thru SLC to Las Vegas from Amsterdam summer 2018. My two Delta flight choices are either a 2.25 hr or a 7.5 hr layover from around 2pm on. I have no desire to spend the time in the Delta lounge (no vegan food from all I've seen ). I thought I would try to eat instead at either Sage's Cafe or Vertical Diner. Or is there a 100% vegan restaurant that's closer to the airport? I probably won't have eaten since leaving AMS that morning (except for snacks). I refuse to eat the VGML slop that Delta labels "food". IOW, I'll be a bit grumpy :) so I'll be wanting food FAST! TIA. Post Date: 02/01/18, Replies: 1 02/01/18 1
How to report incorrect mapping? Hi there, unfortunately some of the places listed in Dakar/Senegal aren't displayed when you search for Dakar, because obviously the mapping of the city is not correct - which is a shame, especially since there are very few possibilites vor vegans in town. By searching the FAQs I couldn't find a solution for this. So if anyone knows how to report this, please help! Thank you! Post Date: 01/26/18, Replies: 1 01/26/18 1
Vegetarian restaurants in Bolzano Hi everyone! Can you help me to find a good vegetarian restaurant in Bolzano (Italy)? Thank you very much! Post Date: 01/22/18, Replies: 0 01/22/18 0

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