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So, I'm a vegan, but my husband is not. And I have a one-year-old and a full-time job, which means I'm almost always short on time. And since my husband is not vegan, I'm usually either cooking something just for me or cooking something that can be easily adapted for both of us...
So here's my question... what are your go-to meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)?

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    Posted by DC1346 at 07/30/13 16:18:44

    I'm not married but I am writing a vegan cookbook series that's focused on publishing vegan version recipes of popular comfort foods.

    I haven't yet completed a cookbook on vegan breakfast foods but for breakfast, you could make pancakes using soy milk instead of regular milk, fructose instead of sugar, and ground flax seeds in lieu of eggs. The batter should have the same thickness of a real pancake batter. Serve the pancakes with real maple syrup.

    If you haven't tried vegg, this is an egg yolk simulator. The package includes a recipe for French toast - although it should be noted that this recipe is in bulk and will need to be cut down to produce a smaller amount.

    Lunch and Dinner:

    For the sake of convenience, I recommend the use of Augason Farms vegetarian taco meat, chicken, and beef. You can buy 2 lb. plus containers at Wal-Mart. Look for these products in the canning section that's adjacent to kitchen wares. Recipes are included on the labels. My favorite version is the sloppy joe made with the taco meat. You can also use the taco meat to produce spaghetti. Simply pair this product with your favorite vegan Marinara sauce. Add some vegan beef bouillon and Vegemite to the sauce to give that rich "beefy" flavor.

    I would also wholeheartedly recommend the use of Butler Soy Curls. This is an unseasoned dried tofu product. You rehydrate it by combining 1 part of Butler Soy Curls with 3 parts of a flavorful vegan broth. Once this product is rehydrated, it can be used to make a stir fry, curry, or stew. Cool this product and pair it with vegan mayonnaise to make a chicken salad.

    I have published 3 vegan cookbooks to date.

    Volume 1: Beef
    Volume 2: Salads, Dips, Appetizers, and Dips
    Volume 3: Chicken

    I anticipate publishing Volume 4: Pork, within the next week.

    All of these e-books are available via as an e-book. If you don't have access to an Amazon e-book reader, you may download a free reader to your PC through Amazon.

    For more information about my cookbooks or to read my daily blog, please visit:

    Best wishes!


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    Posted by bbeckums at 07/31/13 09:06:24

    homemade mac n cheese is great! it's my favorite meal to make. it's using daiya cheddar cheese shreds. i like to use a whole box of small shell noodles, and while that's cooking, melt a couple of spoonfuls (between 2-3 tablespoons) of earth balance buttery spread in a small saucepan, then i add two tablespoons of nutritional yeast (if you don't have that you can substitute two tablespoons of flour, but then you lose the nutty/cheesy flavor nutritional yeast provides) after the nutritional yeast absorbs all the butter and starts bubbling a little, add two cups of almond/soy milk. turn the heat up to medium high and stir constantly until the milk thickens and starts to boil, if it starts bubbling too much lift the pan up and lower the heat because it comes close to overflowing, this is where you add the entire bag of daiya cheddar shreds, and stir until it's completely melted in and thickened. strain noodles and add the cheese sauce together. then i like to sprinkle my bowl with salt and s'more nutritional yeast (because i just love it) and stir it all in. you can also add more spices to it, but i tend to just like it plain and traditional

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    Posted by bbeckums at 07/31/13 09:11:42

    another really easy meal is falafels! you can buy a box of it at the store, you add 1 1/4 cup water to it and let it sit for 15 minutes. after 15 mins you can form little 1/2 inch patties and coat them with olive oil then broil them for 2-3 minutes each side. serve on a bun, we like to eat ours with lettuce and vegan ranch dressing to soften the spices. it's really filling and easy to make!

    grilled cheeses are another quick and easy lunch meal, especially now that daiya makes slices :)

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    Posted by DC1346 at 07/31/13 17:14:00

    I forgot to mention oatmeal ... but instead of using milk, use soy milk mixed with some coconut milk powder to give it that rich creamy taste. Instead of brown sugar (which is granulated white sugar mixed with molasses), use a partially refined natural cane sugar like sucanat. You could also use date sugar.

    Soup is easily made using vegan beef or chicken bouillon. Add in carrots, onions, and red or yellow miso. Once the soup is made, you can also add in chopped leafy greens and pasta or bean curd.

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    Posted by BunnyLuv at 07/31/13 20:07:51

    Breakfast is always cereal with almond breeze and a sliced banana or handful of blueberries

    Lunch - For a quick lunch Amy's frozen entree's.

    Dinner -
    Chickpea Taco's is always my go to.

    Drain a can of chickpea's, sauté, add sliced roasted red peppers (jarred), a handful of frozen corn, a fresh tomato diced and taco seasoning to taste. Cook until heated though.

    Toast up some corn tortilla's and you have dinner.

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    Posted by kuddy831 at 08/01/13 07:35:12

    I love one pot meals like chili, it's quick and easy. Loads of veggies and beans. Sometimes I'll even add a bag of soy crumbles like Boca (they have the best "beef" flavor I think). My hubby's a meat eater too and he never complains. The nice thing about it is you can make a big batch and freeze half for another day or for lunches.

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    Posted by Redheaded Vegan at 09/11/13 19:36:28

    My husband and I make a big pot of beans every week - usually pintos and we use them in a variety of ways. We love having them on hand in the fridge and freezer and I usually make a grain such as rice or quinoa, too. I sometimes make grits and eat them over those with some hot sauce, or put some on a corn tortilla to make a quick tostada and will add onions or other veggies. I will put them over the grain with coconut oil, cumin, turmeric, and lime or make a cashew cream sauce and some greens to go with it. Cheap and easy!

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    Posted by Raesock at 09/12/13 09:29:14

    I'm all about having lots of stuff in my fridge ready to go. I make a big batch of steel cut oats at the beginning of the week and then heat it up for breakfast each morning with coconut oil and fruit. We keep lots of stuff to make salads ready in the fridge because for some reason it seems more fun if i can pull out all the dishes of chopped veggies like our own little salad bar. my husband loves the beyond meat chicken strips on his salad. I also make lots of soups/chili because it is easy to make a lot and split it up to take for lunches, have for dinner other nights. Some favorites are:
    I've made this black bean sweet potato soup for get togethers with non vegans and they always love it!:
    Chili with sweet potato and brussel sprouts :
    best vegan mac and cheese I've tried yet :
    garden corn chowder:
    we've made this probably 10 times this summer! it is SO GOOD!

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