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I am three months into a new vegetarian life. I would love to go completely vegan, but my job makes it very difficult to do so. I work in a male dominated industry where I often have meals with my colleagues and sometimes it feels like just being female is a liability, let alone stating I am a vegetarian.

I will be travelling to Texas with work for an entire week. I will be with colleagues the entire time. Does anyone have any recipes that I can make at home and then take with me to Texas so I have something healthy to eat while on the road?
Thanks so much for the encouragement and advice! I am so grateful I found happycow!

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    Posted by durgaprasadzone at 11/01/12 01:36:34

    Wow. Feels great to read your blog.Actually I was searching for the same information since many days but today I am so lucky to land on your page. Thanks again for your hard work.
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    Posted by Mrs T at 09/17/12 12:46:04

    As a bit more background, I am often eating meals in an environment where the meals are pre chosen and they don't ask about dietary restrictions. Thanks!

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 09/19/12 10:00:25

    First, congrats on going vegetarian! That is awesome!

    Next, I know what you're saying, I also worked in a male dominated industry. As for being vegetarian, my unsolicited advice is you really just have to own it. Like you have to own being female. Have the attitude that it is no big deal. If anyone asked, I'd just matter-of-factly say, "I'm vegetarian". Rarely did people follow up with any questions. If they do follow up, the next question is generally "Why?" or "How long have you been vegetarian?". 'How long' is easy. As for asking 'why', to be honest, I'd tailor the answer depending on my audience. Is it a superior who I don't know that well? In that case, I keep it simple saying something like I'm trying to cut out red meat. That usually stops the conversation since the everyone knows red meat isn't healthy. If it's a colleage on my own level, I might say something like, "I watched the movie Forks Over Knives and that did it for me." Or when I was in a setting with less intellectual types, I'd sometimes joke "Yeah, I care about those damn lawn munchers." Just own it.

    For road trips, I take trail mixes with me. Before a road trip, I order bunch of snack bags like these . The Diet Delight mix is great. I also pack apples, bananas, oranges, organic grapes, tommy toe tomatoes. I bring a jar of peanut butter or almond butter and celery or crackers. I buy store-bought energy bars and protein bars, but you can also make your own:

    Here's a list of other road trip snacks you might like:

    I wish I had more for you in terms of recipe ideas. I can't think of anything to make that would last and you wouldn't need refrigeration for it.

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 09/19/12 10:17:41

    As for eating meals that are pre-chosen, my guess is you're talking about a situation like lunches that are catered and all the sandwiches have meat. If you know that's on the agenda, remember breakfast is your friend. If you're on the road, hit a Starbucks in the morning. You can get oatmeal with brown sugar, nuts and raisins. You can get a soy latte and/or a Naked fruit smoothie. Grab an extra smoothie to take with for lunch. If you load up on breakfast, you shouldn't be too hungry come lunch time and will be able to get by on whatever garbage they serve.

    Catered lunches often have a vegetable tray where you can grab some celery, tomatoes, cucumber. Otherwise you're looking at picking the turkey off a turkey swiss sandwich and making the best of it. If you don't mind bringing your own stuff with you, you could make a PB&J in your hotel room in the morning and bring it with. Or during that morning Starbucks visit you could pick up one of their Protein Bistro Boxes, those are vegetarian. Otherwise, I'd pack a couple packets of Justin's nut butter and bring those with each day. It's a great protein/energy source, very tasty and discreet. I eat them plain right from the package.

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    Posted by LMNaturel at 09/19/12 16:37:56

    I travel all the time and I have no problem to stay vegan. I always stop at a natural food store if I don't know the area. Every city, town have one. They know where you can eat. I always travel with a good knife for
    avocado, tomatoes , sprout , veggie pate and I make my lunch. Fresh ! get yourself your favorite fruit for the road, organic nuts, and snack. Easy !

    One suggestion, if I may. Care about the food you put in your body, that is nobody business. There is enough sick people out there.
    You are making the right choice for yourself ! Just stick with it.
    If every body could be VEGAN , the world wouldn't be collapsing. We would have healthy bees, insects etc..

    Good luck on your journey, Mrs T.

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    Posted by DeGoshReed at 09/27/12 10:20:33

    I agree with all the posts on this thread. I'm in the army, I'm a guy and a leader of troops. So when I say I'm vegan I get some funny looks but I don't care about there opinions. Some people will follow your lead to a healthier lifestyle and join in. You are the proof that we are rite. Opinions can not stand in the face of facts that prove them wrong.

    On the idea of what to eat an the road. That's the great thing about being vegan food last longer out of the fridge. Can't do that with meat lol. So I bring a salad with a bunch of veggies and some fruit. Wrap some bread up and make some garden burgers. Most times we can find a microwave on the road if you want to heat some food up. For breakfast I bring a Tupperware with the firehouse diet big bowl of cereal with some almond milk. I keep the milk in a thermos so it stays cold. Some preplaning will go along way in our health. No one said that it would be easy but it will be better for the planet our health and our common man.

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    Posted by superfoods at 01/22/13 20:40:08

    I love to travel in different countries. Also I love to cook. Thanks for the post.

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