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some practices and industery information that i learned in home economics class a few years ago.

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    Posted by adbuster at 11/06/07 13:36:44

    still adbuster...

    for a start the ingredients on a food packet work in descending order. That is the ingredients at the top of the list means that particular ingredient is present in the dish in the highest quantity and so on...

    sugar destroies many vitimins and minerals. Sugar is one of the most grown plants in the world, not all this is used in sweets and fuelant, because it is used widely in convience foods for making ungodly creations last longer but regardless of how feal about these techniquans expertise for cooking -you may as well be eating toilet paper for the nutritional value. The names
    used for sugar on packets can vary and they are sucrose, fructose and glocuse.

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    Posted by adbuster at 11/06/07 14:09:38

    Secondly from adbuster...

    If you have a freezer cooking doesn't have to be such a chore. you can easily increase, in proportion, the quantities you cook with. that means you keep for example the quantities of herbs to stock to vegtables: you just multiply it by two or three depending on the size of your saucepans.

    ... soup is an excellent and easy start for cooking as it is a universal recipiethat can be used with any vegtable in the same format and it radically changes the flavour.
    It is a good example of being able to make variations on recipies that are commonly available.

    the recipe for vegtable soup is.
    500gr main ingredient/ tomatos
    225gr secondary flavouring ingredient/ onion
    25gr plain or brown flour
    25gr marg
    1 ltr veg stock
    herbs / basil and oregano @ratio 2 to 1 respectively/ 1 teaspoon basil, half oregano

    start by preparing the vegtables, leave tomatos in pot of boiled not boiling water and leave for a minute empty water pour cold water over. quarter tomatos, dice onions.
    start frying the marg. add vegtables frey on high heat till onions are translucent add flour and cook on sight less heat for 1-1 half, 2 if using potatoes, min. add stock reduce heat to a simmer add herbs to taste and s+p. simmer for 30-40 mins add tomatoe puree if desired. put soup in blender for smooth soup or put half soup in blender for thicker soup.

    for a variation the farm house vegtable uses turnips carrots and potadoes, at roughly a ratio of 1:1:1 except a little more for patatoe. for the patatoes cook smallish cubes in medium water for 10 minutes before stage 2.

    For the farmhouse vegtable i use carrot juice instead of chopped carrots in place of half the stock.

    if you want the soup to feed more people of save some for the freezer after you have pre-boiled the potatoes pour the cooking water into the jug you keep the vegtable stock in. the starch in the liquid will increase the volume without watering down the soup.

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    Posted by adbuster at 11/06/07 14:16:38

    adding a little olive oil or nut oil to dishes at the end add to the consistency...

    mixing oils a heat alters the transfats these are especially dangerous when used by mechanically made subanstances such as margarine or low fat buter. Recommend that you try a soy based alternative or sesemee seed paste -tahaini- available in health stores instead.

    Altering you're sauces by adding other sauces to it makes an easy variation, it may feal like cheating but indian hefs use thier sauces with chutneys so why not.

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