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Hi everyone,

I'm new here, and trying to come up with some vegan or vegetarian recipes that do not include soy, as I've been instructed by my doctor to stop eating soy products. I guess I have been in a convenience rut, and didn't realize how many vegan convenience foods I was relying on, and they are almost 100% soy-based. So, if anyone has any good soy-free products, as well as tips for what to do with them, I'd really appreciate it!


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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 01/09/16 05:27:50

    Did your doctor give a reason for advising you to avoid soy products?

    While he or she may have a valid reason, I do know that medical schools typically lean toward supporting the meat and dairy industries (they are often also ag schools) and the M & D industries have been discouraging the use of soy for a long time...

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    Posted by Robinwomb at 01/10/16 05:29:11

    I have hypothyroidism (have for 27 years) and I still consume soy, just not every day. Soy is fine but it can interfere with thyroid medications in the same way that calcium and coffee can. That's all. I have been consuming soy as a vegan for five years and I am actually on LESS thyroid med dose on average than all my years as an omnivore.

    Stick with organic soy from edamame, tofu, tempeh, soy yogurts, and stay away from the processed soy in some of the commercial overly processed junk foods (crackers, cookies, commercial breads, candy, chips, mayonnaise, etc).

    That said, if you stick to a diet of beans, whole grains, fruits and vegetables it is very easy to go without soy. There are also many plant milks like almond milk, hemp, flax, oat, and rice milks. There are even soy free vegan mayonnaise like Just Mayo. If you can't find these products, make your own vegan mayo or bread. There are TONS of recipes online for making your own bread, mayonnaise, and other soy free stuff. I make my own flaxseed milk.

    There is a commercial bread I know of that is soy free called Rudi's organic bakery bread. I find it at healthfood stores in the U.S. and also some larger more progressive grocery chains. They make english muffins, bread loaves, buns. There is a company called Stacey's that makes whole wheat tortillas free of soy and unwanted ingredients like palm oil or hydrogenated oils. Commercial breads are notorious for having awful ingredients in them.

    Here is a soy free vegan site
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