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I'm recently diagnosed type 2 diabetic. I've been vegetarian since forever. Now I'm struggling to take care of my glycemic index chart: since I can only eat food with low glycemic index. Does anyone have recipes that are vegetarian and also diabetic-friendly?
Kindest regards

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    Posted by Purplerose at 01/07/18 10:15:31

    Hi Monica.

    I was diagnosed with Diabetes 2 over 10 years ago and most of the time has been a struggle for me, with continual increases in medication. About 8 months ago I came across 'The Starch Solution" by Dr John McDougall. It is a high carb low oil plantbased eating plan, which has excellent reported results for many medical conditions including diabetes. Since following this plan (about 95%) my blood sugar levels, my blood pressure and my weight have all reduced leading to a continual reduction in my medications.
    One thing I like about Dr Mcdougall is that although he has written a number of books on the effect of food on health, he ensures that ALL the information in them is on his free website (
    so that nobody who is interested has to spend a single cent to access it. There is also a community forum on his website which is a great help. He also has a youtube channel called John Mcdougall. He gives talks, and webinars and lots of info gleaned from his many years of practising medicine and the food related conditions that he continually sees in his patients.
    His wife, Mary has developed oodles of recipes over the years and they are all available on his website.

    Other doctors I have researched and learnt from include Dr Michael Greger who has a free website, and many youtube videos. Dr Neal Barnard, Dr Michael Klapper and more. Please check them out they are very informative.

    I have also got some great ideas and hints from some youtubers such High Carb Hannah, Jill McKeever, Jeanne Schumacher, Cookingwithplants, and many others.

    I hope I have given you some resources that will help you. I understand how it feels to have the diagnosis of Diabetes 2 and how important it is to know how to find a lifestyle suitable to manage this disease'
    All the best

    Annie :)

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    Posted by AnnaWacker at 01/07/18 12:36:29

    Dear Monica.

    I am sorry that you have recently been diagnosed.
    I would recommend an organic whole foods plantbased diet, with plenty of fresh fruits and greens. I know that many people find relief, help and healing in "Medical Medium". His real name is Anthony Williams. Look him up - his first book! He speaks about different diagnoses, including diabetes. Here's a link,

    Watching "What the Health" (on Netflix) might be also helpful - not on specific recipes, but on generel information - also about diabetes.

    I hope this is helpful to you.

    All the best, Anna.

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    Posted by GratefulDanishman at 01/07/18 12:41:06

    Dear Monica.

    I agree with Anna on the advice written above - Medical Medium is a visionary! SO much research now connect consumption of animal products with diabetes.
    I can say for my self (though I am not diabetic) that the whole foods vegan lifestyle has transformed my health!

    Wishing you all the best.

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 01/07/18 19:14:11

    Best advice I have from doing this for years without insulin or pills. Avoid all refined sugars. Eat 100% whole wheat or whole grains. Stay away from products like white bread, enriched wheat, and wheat bread. These are all junk for your body and will spike your blood sugar then drop it. Eat a salad or two each day.

    For breakfast, I eat oatmeal or plain wheat or rice puffs with a sliced persimmon, pear, or peach. I use almond or soy milk. Then sprinkle cinnamon on it and mix it up. Cinnamon is good natural way to lower blood sugar.

    Eat small meals 3 hours apart to maintain blood sugar levels. For snacks, eat almonds, pecans, or nuts. I find that if I get a spike in blood sugar from eating something that affects me, an apple brings it down. Watch the carbs intake. It takes time but eventually you will know what you can eat to maintain blood sugar. Stay away from candy. Eat fruits. After awhile, you will realize how refined sugar tastes like a chemical. If you like chocolate, eat 90% cacao. It's bitter but you get the chocolate taste. Good luck. Take these tips and it will be easy. You will feel better again. Test your blood sugar several times a day to confirm. Love yourself. There's always mind body connection to all dis-ease.

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    Posted by joyce2201 at 01/10/18 07:41:37

    Hi Monica,

    When you have diabetes, a solid eating regimen is a vital component to controlling your glucose, forestalling heart issues, and holding your weight under tight restraints. One approach to make your eating routine more diabetes-accommodating is to lessen the measure of soaked fat you eat.

    Here I am sharing a recipe for Veggie Tostadas which is diabetes-friendly

    Veggie Tostadas

    Cut mushrooms demonstrate a wonderful and low-fat other option to ground hamburger in this Mexican-roused dish. The mushrooms, alongside the zucchini and red ringer pepper, give you 10 grams of fiber, which helps in assimilation and causes you feel fulfilled. This four-fixing formula takes only 10 minutes to prep.

    Fixings: Sliced mushrooms, zucchini, red ringer pepper, tostadas

    Calories: 215

    You can add different spices or herbs according to your choice.

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