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Hey guys,

I make this shake about every other day now. It's super delicious. (see the bottom of this post for a confession I have to make about this drink...)

Here's the recipe:


1 Young coconut
1 to 2 tbsp raw cacao powder, to taste
1 to 2 ice cubes


1) Crack open that young coconut and pour all the water into your blender. You might want to strain the water if your cracking is sloppy — no one likes to drink splinters!

2) Next, scrape out the meat of the coconut and clean off any of the hard wood bits that might have come off with the scrapings. I like to rinse the coconut meat under water to be sure I have removed all the little wood bits.

3) Toss all of the cleaned meat into the blender, along with the raw cacao powder and ice cubes, and blend on high-speed until all of the meat is broken down into heavenly bliss (about 30 to 45 seconds for me).

4) Pour into your favorite glass and enjoy!

I have a confession to make's not my recipe! Giving credit where credit is due:

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