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Hi all --
Suggestions for vegan packed lunches for high school student? Would love to hear what you put in packed lunches to take to school or work. THANK YOU!!! :)

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    Posted by ouikouik at 08/19/15 10:26:05

    does the student have access to power points? if so, i'd recommend a portable steamer (he only has to carry the internal pot, not the whole steamer; leave the external shell in school).

    i use the yoei brand and it has been all right so far. i just throw in whatever is at hand, such as rice, peas/beans/lentils (soaked overnight), tofu, frozen or fresh veg, and lunch is ready after steaming for 20 minutes. you can use it to as a boiler to make noodles/porridge too.

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    Posted by anahidscv at 08/19/15 13:26:59

    Vegan deli meats and cheeses,peanut butter sandwiches, vegan burritos, vegan potato salads, vegan wraps, doesn't need warming.

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    Posted by Thalassa4 at 10/26/15 16:44:46

    Eh...I carry things on the run, or if I some ideas are:

    Peanut or almond butter with banana or sliced apple on bread of choice (no brainer, but swapping jam for real fruit adds more nutrition...can even used dried fruit, or add cinnamon and sugar or agave syrup to sweeten)

    Hummus and pretzels with crudite carrots and celery, or cucumbers and cherry tomatoes

    Pita or soft tortilla with fresh avacado, vegan mayo or vegan cheese, and can even skip the processed mayo/cheese and eat an avacado and salsa or tomato sandwich, with salt, I've definitely done this before

    Dried prunes or apricots as sides or snack

    Sunflower seeds, plain Sun Chips, or nuts as sides or snack

    Lenny and Larry's Complete Vegan Cookie or Clif bar

    If you take more time to prepare, you could make a salad of chopped veggies (lettuce or spinach, tomatoes, bell pepper, green onion, cabbage,etc) topped with things like almond slivers, olives and/or capers for flavor, then use rinsed cold garbanzo beans as protein, and toss with a vinegrette or vegan salad dressing. could also add cold cooked potatoes and green beans if you like a salad Nicoise imitation, to add more flavor and nutrition. ..potato really adds a does a scoop of cold cooked quinoa instead of potato.

    Or just carry along some whole grain crackers and a thermos of vegan soup.

    In another thread, I already mentioned a sandwich made of mashed garbanzo and whole avacado, with scallions/green onions and fresh cilantro to taste, with the juice of one lime mixed well and seasoned with salt and pepper on your favorite bread. need for a food processor, the hand mashing gives it a nice texture, and you can add lettuce or spinach and tomato, I often eat it straight on bread.

    Also real fruit roll ups, trail mix, or dark chocolate for sweets.

    Instant noodles if you have access to boiling hot water (like a machine that dispenses water for hot tea, a kettle, or microwave).

    Cold pasta salad

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