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I'm new to being a vegetarian (and so far loving it by the way :)

I just wondered if anybody has a good few different recipes for dinner meals that I could make out of one same set of ingredients (give or a take a few) I'm on a tight budget, and would find it helpful to only have to buy one big set of ingredients to start until I've learnt more new veggie recipes. Anything anybody could tell me would be really helpful.

Thanks in advance :)

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    Posted by DC1346 at 07/14/13 19:15:47

    Wal-Mart sells ready to use vegetarian chicken, taco, beef, and bacon. Surprisingly enough, these TVP based items may be found in the canning aisle with the glass mason jars and lids, near the kitchenware section.

    These vegan meats are surprisingly affordable ... $10.12 for the vegan beef (2 lb. 5 oz. can) and $13.14 for the taco meat (2 1/2 lb. can.)

    They're produced by Augason Farms for backpackers and as emergency food supplies.

    Recipes are included on the side of each can.

    Rehydrating these products is simple. You add 1 part vegan meat and 2 parts water. Depending upon the meat in question, you bring it to a boil and then reduce heat and let it simmer for 3-20 minutes.

    Once these meats are rehydrated, you may use them just as you would a real ground meat.

    With this product you can make stews, chili, tacos, beef enchiladas, beef fried rice, and spaghetti with meat sauce (Bologense).

    Add ground flax seeds, rice flour, and a liquid such as apple juice and you can make patties, meatballs, and meatloaf.

    I have some free recipes at my website:

    Included among the free recipes are:

    * Vegan curry
    * Potato pancakes
    * Mujadarra – A Lebanese Rice Pilaf
    * Chili
    * Banana Fritters
    * Mushroom Congee (Chinese rice soup)
    * Pad Thai
    * French Toast
    * Baked Potato Soup
    * Ice Cream
    * Chocolate Sauce
    * Whipped Cream

    Best wishes,


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    Posted by DC1346 at 07/14/13 19:39:34

    I just took a look at my Augason Farm products. There's a recipe for BBQ Beef on the side of the can for beef. There's a recipe for tacos and sloppy joes on the side of the can for taco meat.

    I don't know what your cooking skills are ... but if you mix the rehydrated beef with a Marinara sauce, you may enjoy spaghetti. If you get tired of the Marinara Sauce, stir in chili powder, hot sauce (if desired), and kidney beans and voila - you can have a chili.

    Spaghetti sauce can also be used to make a sloppy joe. Thicken the sauce with ketchup and add a touch of mustard.

    Common ingredients for spaghetti sauce, sloppy joe mix, and chili ... vegan meat, onions, tomato sauce.

    Hope this helps,


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    Posted by Deb123 at 01/18/15 10:22:57

    I'm new to all of this and also on a tight budget but what I'm doing at the moment is stocking up on herbs and spices (Tescos has some deals on at the moment) the also have a deal on dairy substitutes where it's only £1 a litre rather than the full price so I'm buying a few to keep in the fridge. There's a lot you can do with a tin of tomatoes, onion and other veg, chilli, curry, spag bol that sort of thing just by varying the herbs and spices that you add.

    I like putting rice, tinned tomatoes, onion, mushroom, cashew nuts, sultanas, curry powder and stock in a casserole dish and baking it in the oven til all the stock has gone and it's a bit crispy round the edges. You can vary the veg, add beans or chick peas...different's all good.

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