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In a now-discontinued vegan forum many years ago, someone posted a delicious salad dressing recipe and I have lost it. It was a "ranch-type" dressing and the original recipe began with a girl's name. I remember a few ingredients - raw cashews, apple cider vinegar, sweetener of some kind. Does anyone recall a recipe like this? Thanks!

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 10/23/16 14:35:46

    Sounds like a recipe I saw on "The Jazzy Vegetarian". She's on the "Create" channel and Youtube. Simple and easy vegan, organic recipes!

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    Posted by ccaatt at 12/01/16 00:17:15

    Did you ever find the recipe again? I'd love a good vegan ranch. The ones we've tried to make have not been pleasant.

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    Posted by debbitage at 03/26/17 12:36:08

    You could try searching the Internet Archive Way Back Machine for the website. Go to:

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    Posted by SoulintheRaw at 05/20/17 19:32:34

    For ranch, the most important thing is onion powder and dried parsley, lots of vinegar (I like either coconut or ACV), and cashew or hemp base. So yummy!

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