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PLEASE, anyone know how to make tahini? I've been searching for a while. I tried to make it in my juicer, which I can make nut butters with an attachment. It only flung sesame seeds all about my kitchen. I can't imagine it being too difficult or needing too much technology since it is a basic in 3rd world countries.

I see no reason for it to cost $10/lb at my local HF store. I start muttering in the aisle every time I see it (hummus too for that matter) and nearly cause a scene. I just want it to be around the $2-3 range when I used it back in the day. It isn't as though there is a sesame shortage, is there?

Also, please keep this thread for MAKING tahini; not tahini sauce, or hummus or baba g, or tell me to sub nut butters (thanks though). I want to know how to make tahini from scratch, it is the topic.

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    Posted by AndyT at 09/30/10 05:31:28

    This link: suggests to make it in the blender with adding olive oil. Maybe that little difference makes the trick. Can't speak from experience, though.

    Best regards,

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    Posted by Kimmi at 09/30/10 08:34:56

    To answer your post, I have never made tahini but your post made me think about it and search and while I know you can google, this seemed on topic.

    Deltadoc seems to have good answers. Good luck, if it works I would be curious as it is a bit expensive considering what it is.


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    Posted by truffle at 11/15/10 16:27:02

    i really didn't know what tahini was 'til I read this post. so i googled tahini recipe and got one from might try it soon.

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    Posted by kindlizard at 11/17/10 02:57:15

    I've held out on a blender/vita mix for years. Perhaps its time to suck it up and get one. Thanks Kimmi. I know it "should" work, just need a blender, which I don't have. Fwiw, I would go raw seeds, not roasted/toasted.

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 11/17/10 17:42:18

    A gloriously messy job!

    A VitaMix and some sesame oil does 'work' - it gives you what I call 'pseudo-tahini' - but expect to spend 30+ minutes and many gallons of water to clean it afterwards.

    I do not like 'oils' - this recipe uses sesame oil - - using olive oil would ruin the taste for me - adding some water just makes the process more manageable - add as little as possible.

    A Champion Juicer Grain Mill does NOT work - I tried & failed badly.
    The Greeks etc. make tahini without adding extra oil.

    "In an ancient Greek village near Tohum the art of making tahini by wood fire is passed down through the generations. Sesame seeds, organically grown for centuries, are sun-dried, carefully roasted in wood fire ovens, and stone ground in one of the few remaining water mills of the region." - the team at "South River Miso" make gorgeous miso in the US .......but they wisely choose to import their tahini -

    'Alei, myla, alei
    kai gar Pittakos alei
    megalas Mytilanas basileuon

    Grind, mill, grind
    For Pittakos also ground,
    Great Mytilene's ruler.' - Plutarch, Moralia 157 E.

    In the 30+ years since I first relished tahini I have almost always let the Greeks, Cypriots, Lebanese & other great grinders do the grinding for me!
    Modern producers use a whole collection of machines which would make W. Heath Robinson proud! -

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    Posted by Chase Morgan at 12/25/10 22:54:18

    shop rite my friend i just bought a nice size jar of it, a thing of lemon juice, and made a 3 dollar donation to the foodbank and it totalled 8$ and change so the tahini had to be about 3 dollars

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    Posted by TahiniMaker at 08/03/17 12:49:34

    Due to how tasty it is, some people think that it’s difficult to make, thinking of elaborate procedures just to come up with this heavenly sauce. What most people don’t know is that it’s as easy as 1-2-3. Here’s a tahini sauce recipe you can try!

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