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So i've been vegan since 2 years
and as i'm living in france there is no vegan bakery around.
So as i've a really sweet tooth I had to learn how to bake.
and so far there is 4,5 recipe that i really handle, and are great: pancakes, brownies, apple pie, muffin, carrot cake, banana cake, biscuit.
I use mostly apple sauce, banana, carrot, zucchini, and flour+water cooked as it's great to make everything glue together..
but the problem is that my cakes are sooo heavy.
it's good but sometimes i wish i could do something lighter.
i tried different year, egg powder replacer.. it just doesn't work and i really miss this light buttery texture that we find in a lot of regular ( non vegan) cake, pastry...
Any advice? please
thanks a looot

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