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Does anyone have any recipes for making your own soy sauce? Appreciate any help!

thanx ~~~

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    Posted by Chia at 05/17/07 21:29:32

    I hadn't heard of anyone making their own soy sauce. It's just so convenient to buy the sauce at the local health food store. Some conventional soy sauces contain MSG and sugar. Good alternatives to the conventional are 'Nama Shoyu' and Bragg's amino liquid.

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    Posted by anyark at 05/27/07 08:37:10

    Thanx. My daughter uses a lot of soy sauce and hoped to save some $$$ by making her own. We make our own worcestershire sauce and thought there might be a soy sauce recipe, too.

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 06/07/07 21:16:13

    Lovely idea - "Texas Soya Sauce" - we make it in Viet Nam - this article is pretty close to a recipe - Read up about it in Wikipedia also -

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    Posted by anyark at 06/12/07 05:27:14

    Thanx, Johnny.........

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