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I've been making hemp milk for quite some time now and here is the recipe for it. Note: you will need a very powerful blender such as a Vita-Mix for this recipe. Also a large bowl and milk filter bags. You can get the bags online if you do a search for them.

1 cup hulled hemp seeds
7 cups of filtered water
vanilla extract
raw honey or sweetener to taste
pinch of sea salt

Fill your blender with the 7 cups of water. Add the hemp seed, vanilla and sweetener. Blend until all the seeds are broken up. When that is done let it sit for a few minutes, then blend again.

Filter through two milk bags into a large bowl. Put into a glass container. The container should have a tight fitting lid because you have to shake the milk up before using. Also be aware, this goes bad very quickly so use it up within two or three days.

Bon Appetit!

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    Posted by A Healthy Vegan at 04/13/10 05:36:39

    This sounds awesome!

  • celia19O5's avatar
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    Posted by celia19O5 at 07/27/10 00:16:06

    Well, this recipe is quite strange and interesting. I will try it. Maybe my family will have a new kind of milk :)

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    Posted by mywork08 at 06/01/10 23:53:50


    good recipe thanks for post.

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    Posted by diamond at 06/09/10 00:34:50

    Wow, so delecious.Tks guy for your post

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