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In need of good vegan recipes because i am planning on launching a vegan cooking channel on my youtube channel my channel name is The Vegan Metalhead

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 12/13/15 05:07:54

    A google search under "vegan recipes" brings up over 25 million sites. The same search on Youtube offers over one million.

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    Posted by Williamewq123ify at 12/26/15 13:38:21

    thanks but i was looking for more specific things i love asian food and middle-eastern food and was thinking about doing munjara after i get around to making it and posting it if i like it and wanted to do some curries as well such as a good vegetable korma is one i really want to do

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    Posted by RitaM.Finney at 10/18/16 03:11:44

    Pinterest is a good source for you! :)

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 10/23/16 14:16:17

    If searching "vegan" is too broad a scope, simply search for "middle eastern vegan" or "Asian vegan" recipes. Or search for a specific food or recipe. Or go to your local library and you'll likely find many books that can aid your search.

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    Posted by moshnotposh at 04/18/17 16:13:57

    I create my own recipes usually...

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    Posted by sheenacolada at 08/20/17 00:54:44

    Follow my instagram @weekday_vegetarian I don't have too many Asian recipes yet, but will be posting soon

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    Posted by txnutrition at 08/21/17 13:44:13

    Check out my instagram- @txnutrition! I have a few asian recipes and I have a great falafel one that is very easy to make!

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    Posted by maribee at 03/05/18 23:00:43

    I would really strongly suggest you try using an AIR Fryer! You can cook a lot of cool but tasty recipes. I have a feeling it could be really interesting to the viewers. I got this recipe book about it, here is a link to it if you wanna check it out! It is a great little recipe book by a friend of mine!

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    Posted by VeggieNovelist at 03/06/18 17:08:54

    Here are a few of my favorites:

    Split pea soup

    Vegan Chili



    These are all really tasty recipes that I personally use. Plus, they're super-high in protein.

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