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Hi everyone! Looking for some suggestions... I am vegan, but my husband is a full-on meat eater... So far, our agreement has been that we'll have our daughter try a bit of what each of us eats and as she matures, we'll each explain our personal choices and let her decide for herself when she's old enough to do so.
I tend to do the bulk of our cooking and I really do prefer us to eat as a family, so I've got a few staple meals that I'm able to make for all of us with just a few tweaks (i.e., tacos, spaghetti, pizza, burgers...) but I'm looking to expand our menu options and I'd really love some feedback. Do you all have any meal suggestions that are easily adaptable for different diets?
Occasionally I'll also adapt by simply making common side dishes and two proteins... my husband will have a grilled chicken breast with our rice and veggies, while I have some tofu or something, get it?

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    Posted by bydash at 09/02/14 02:43:24

    I think everyone should be free to eat what he/she wants.

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    Posted by savetheanimals at 10/12/13 21:40:08

    I think you should be firm on your moral values. Don't let your daughter (or any other children you have) eat murder (meat)cow rape (dairy)hen periods (eggs) bee vomit (honey) or any other animal products.

    Allowing your husband (or anyone else)to get your daughter to do something that is against your moral values is revolting to me.

    I think you should either convince your husband to let your daughter be vegan or divorce him.

    Mothers always get custody over there children in a child custody case. I do think that is wrong but, use it to your advantage this time if he won't allow your daughter to be vegan. Either marry someone who is vegan or at least will allow your children to be vegan.

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    Posted by AlisoniCarrot at 10/14/13 01:56:51

    In a rather less aggressive way (as a vegetarian who spent the summer travelling and living with a lot of meat eaters, so I got pretty good at accepting other people's meal choices and making my own adaptations), here are a few ideas:
    - Mushroom sandwiches. Get a big juicy portobello mushroom, drizzle with oil and top with chopped garlic and herbs (parsley, coriander etc) then bake in the oven for about 20 mins. Stick on a crusty bread roll (spread with mustard if you like it, or squeeze some lemon juice on if not) and enjoy. I have this as an alternative to steak!
    - Stir fries are really good because you can put loads of different veggies in (peppers, carrots, onions, beansprouts, broccoli, cabbage etc.), and then do some meat for those who want and throw in some roasted cashew nuts for those who don't.
    - Veggie chilli with kidney beans/ black beans, peppers, tomatoes and sweetcorn is really yummy!
    - Stuffed vegetables (peppers, aubergine, courgette). Make a veggie mix with rice or cous cous, garlic, herbs, onions, tomatoes and some of the scooped out inside of the vegetable (if using courgette or aubergine). Meaty mix can replace some of the veg with mince. Top with breadcrumbs and bake in the oven for about 20 minutes, until crispy.
    - Vegetable pie: like a cottage or shepherd's pie, but replace the mince meat with lentils, then mix with your carrots, turnips etc (I also like to include some passata for a tomatoey tang). Top with mashed potato (I like half normal potato, half sweet potato) and bake!

    Hope that gives you some ideas! With my parents, who are both meat-eaters, we often do a mezze or tapas style meal, including both vegetable dishes (patatas bravas, spicy chick peas and carrots, bean stew, aubergine and tomato salad, tabbouleh) and meat options like meatballs, kebabs etc. That way everyone can eat what they want and it doesn't seem as awkward as preparing separate meals. The same with curries: make several veggie ones (cauliflower, potato, peas, spinach, lentils, mushrooms all work well as base ingredients)and one meat one, and you won't feel left out!

    And I think it's great that you're letting your daughter make her own, educated, decisions, rather than forcing her into doing as you do. After all, you know that if she does decide to become vegan, vegetarian or somewhere along that scale, she'll have done so through because of her own beliefs and ideas, rather than because she had no other choice!
    PS. I also love chopped mushrooms, chestnuts, garlic and herbs, fried quickly together, as a good last-minute replacement for slabs of meat!

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 09/02/14 04:46:52


    What do you think about eating dogs? Cats? Horses? Other humans?

    What we eat has a profound impact on our health, the environment and world starvation, not to mention the animals we kill for food.

    Please consider a book like, "The Way We Eat: Why Our Food Choices Matter" by Jim Mason and Peter Singer.

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