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I received this mail last week from Cat_Moonstone.


I saw you restaurant reviews on Happy Cow so hope you don't mind me dropping you a line. I'm going to be visiting Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, I leave in November. I was wondering if, during your time in Ho Chi Minh City, you've found any good cookery courses for vegetarians/vegans? If you have any recommendations, I'd really appreciate it if you'd drop me a line.

Thanks for your time.


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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 10/22/07 01:34:56

    Here is my reply to Cat - in case anyone else is looking for similar experiences -

    Hi Cat,

    Thank you for your mail - we may just meet up whilst you are traveling - for my work I move between Viet Nam / Southern China / Thailand / Africa.

    Ok to your question -

    Bangkok - "May" of May Kaidee runs several different fun cooking classes & she is a lovely maverick -

    Ho Chi Minh City / Viet Nam - no - however I can connect you with a friend there who runs a veggie restaurant if I know your dates.

    There is also a Buddhist Temple / Orphanage called Nha Tinh Thuong Dieu Giac which has a tiny veggie eatery & they usually welcome volunteer visitors - here are the orphanage details. - notes from a visitor. - the movie! - contacts

    Be very aware that there are plenty of "scammers" purporting to "represent" Dieu Giac & other orphanages in Viet Nam.

    You can go there directly.

    There are no "fees" to pay for volunteering or anything else.



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    Posted by oykeeranun at 10/22/07 05:29:58

    Hi,I can cook many Thai veg food & have videos on this. I'm willing to share that. However, I'm interested more on Raw food especially the delious one like the one I really would like to take the course with. I know one Raw Food restaurant in Bangkok. It is tel 026624803-5I tried some dishes and really like it very much.I think here are more tasty than the Gratitute in SF and Vegan food at Down to Earth in Hawaii.Actually the best Raw Food & Vegetarian dishes I'd ever tried.So I would like to know the ingredents in these dishes here.So I asked them about the cooking class.It is quite expensive but I negotiated till get a very good deal. It is 12000 Baht/10 dishes for up to 3 persons in each class session. The class is the whole day so there are 2 sessions, morning and afternoon. They cannot hold more than 3 persons each as the kitchen there is quit small. So let say if you interested 5 dish you can take one session at 2000 baht. But if you interested 10 dishes then, it costs 4000 baht. I really want to take the class and would like to find friends who also interested in this to share the cost. Please e-mail me at or call me at 664-0082121 as I might not be able to check mail so often. Thank you.

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