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Okay firstly a confession: I personally am not currently a vegetarian I'm working towards it however my best friend is a Vegan. I am so proud of her because this time last year she decided to turn vegan and she has come so far and done so well, it is also her 20th Birthday coming up. As she adores Alice in Wonderland, as a surprise both for her birthday and her year of being a committed vegan, I wanted to give my friend her very own Mad Hatter Tea Party. The only issue I have is I really have no idea what sort of things to make for her to eat. There are some incredible cake recipes out there (I know I've tried them with her) but in terms of savoury food we can have as afternoon tea and pick at, I don't know where to start and honestly any advice would be warmly welcomed.

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    Posted by RitaM.Finney at 10/18/16 03:22:06

    Hi, Leah!
    So what have you prepared at long last? If it still remains current I can recommend to add to your party menu all of the products from the "Alice" - mushrooms, the bottles with "magical" jam... You friend will appreciate :)

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 10/23/16 14:21:16

    Use google or any other search engine and you can find pretty anything you're looking for.

    And of course, there is lots of useful info on this website...

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    Posted by ccaatt at 12/01/16 00:16:01

    What a cute idea! What did you end up making? If you do anything like this again you could check the appetizer section on the recipe directory on here ( or one of the zillion vegan food bloggers out there now. Some good ones - ppk, hot for food, oh she glows, minimalist baker, cookie and kate, vegan yack attack...lots more! There are a lot of good vegan recipe tumblrs too - my favorite is vegan-yums.

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