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Hmmm.... I personally do not follow a raw food diet or know anyone in my close circle that does. Is anyone on this forum a full raw foodist? Maybe you can share a bit about your diet with us. Thank you.

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    Posted by Chia at 08/03/07 16:34:57

    I tried it for about 10 days straight some time ago. During that time, I lost weight (without intentionally wanting to do so), and I did feel light and good. But when I tried to eat some cooked food, my body couldn't handle it! It was trippy.

    Anyways, now I still eat lots of salads, and I also eat cooked foods. I feel fine.

    Once in Thailand my husband and I met a fellow traveler who was on a raw fruit only diet. He seemed okay - a bit thin, a bit scraggly, but he had few teeth. Not sure if it had anything to do with the sugar in the fruits.

    Southeast Asia has awesome variety of fruits.

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    Posted by dbowland at 01/18/08 13:36:26

    I am 80% raw and my 4 year old son is 100% raw. i think that doing a large percentage raw is very very healthy, but it must also be alkaline - meaning veggies and low sugar fruits. When you do this, your health problems (no matter how minor) disappear and you will have more energy than you could imagine. your eating requirements will drop and you will spend more time living and less time worrying about eating. My son is an amazing example. he doesnt want cooked food as so many in my family predicted. we do not "force" it on him. even if i am eating something cooked, he just says "i dont eat that" and that's it. People give him candy and he either just gives it to me or plays with it like a toy and then gives it to me. He has never known sugar, meat, dairy, or any cooked food of any kind, so he has no idea of what it is to be addicted to cooked, acidic food. Try it, you will like it!

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