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what's a typical eating day for a raw vegan? i've been looking into making the switch and am nervous that if i make the transition all on my own, i'll miss out on some important nutrients, just out of pure ignorance.

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    Posted by chb-pbfp at 08/26/17 20:42:40

    Today, I eat:
    3-4 pieces in total, of maximum 3 different whole fruits in the morning (6h)
    4-5 pieces in total, of maximum 3 different whole fruits at noon
    A handful of nuts somewhere during the day, at least 1h away from my 2 fruit meals above (sometimes processed in a house made dessert with the vitamix, together with typically dates)
    A salad with every whole vegetable I like in the evening
    Every 2 days also a raw soup if it is cold

    Further info over here;

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    Posted by KatieBush at 08/30/17 01:45:22

    I eat mostly raw, this is a typical day:
    Breakfast: Chia oat pudding made with date-sweetened home made almond milk with fresh fruit on top or a green smoothie with pea protein if i'm in a rush. Sometimes I'll drink a juice, too.
    Lunch: A salad topped with hemp seed, quinoa, avocado, carrot shreds, nuts, and topped with a home made dressing
    Snacks; Dehydrated banana or mango, kale chips, or a piece of fruit
    Dinner: Salad, usually a raw soup, and a main meal like a rice (only cooked thing usually) bowl topped with raw toppings. I'll make raw cookies, brownies, or banana nice cream for dessert.

    I'd suggest cookbooks by Judita Wignall to start. Her two most recent books are more kind to vegans who won't have a dehydrator, etc. The beginning of each book go over the basics of raw food and some food prep tips, etc.

    I hope this helps! Good luck!

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