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All Fruits and Vegetables have living enzymes in them that aid the phytonutrients to the cells of your body. Even when you lightly steam vegetables you kill or damages the enzymes. Cooking your food changes your food and your body doesn't recognize the food. Which activates your immune system to fight off this foreign object you've put in your body. If your diet is 51% cooked food, out of habit your body activates your immune system every time you eat. Weather it is cooked or RAW. This is over working and weakening our immune systems and that's why the medical and medicine industry has sky rocketed so high. Your RAW fruits and vegetables are ALIVE and waiting to serve you in the best way. They are a living to aid your digestion, heart health, vision, skin liver and the rest of your body. That's what food is for, your nutrition and development. Take care of your body by putting in RAW fruits and vegetables!!!

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