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and wanting to make it myself.
I was in Camden London and there is a vegan/ eco place. Sadly all the other warm things had gone so I picked a slice of raw vegan cheesecake to eat and a vegan raw bonbon. Both were great (sadly the bonbon was not made with slave free cacao, they claimed never to have heard about slave free cacao but here in the netherlands we have slave free chocolat even the fairtrade cacao isn't slave free)
but now I want to make cheesecake for my hubby. Just like I had it.
I can say there was a bottom made out of nuts (well that is what I tasted) and the cheese cake was made with Cocos and some fruitjuice but more I've no clue.
Normally I eat mostly vegetarian food (because of my foodallergies I have to) and I would check my cookbooks but none of them have this cake in it.
Who is helping me out with this?

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