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I am considering getting a food dehydrator, particularly Excalibur (4 tray). Is there anyone here that uses it regularly, that can encourage or discourage me from getting it? I am not looking to go fully raw, but I really want to incorporate that into out life in a significant way. I have a cook book that I like, and many of the recipes call for food dehydrator. (Going Raw by Judita Wignall)
Thank you in advance.

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    Posted by ehipdev at 07/04/15 03:10:30

    Check our reviews before buy it in here

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    Posted by simmiefairy at 07/28/16 11:54:53

    I love mine and I have had it for about a year so far :)

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    Posted by SmileyReed at 08/06/16 04:25:39

    I love my 4 tray. I just made zucchini chips yesterday.

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    Posted by Bright&Early at 11/23/16 21:23:11

    Hi, my dehydrator decided I had abused it enough and has given up on me. I'm looking to get an Excalibur one, a friend has had one for years, and she bought that second hand!!! It's brilliant, to be honest any dehydrator is good, but in my personal experience, Excalibur rocks!!

    I'm hoping Santa will bring me one..... Please please xxx

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    Posted by tudore at 11/23/16 21:52:55

    The dehydrator is an indespensable tool. Do not hesitate, buy it! It is safe and easy to use. You will also be able to get very creative once you get the hang of it.

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