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Hi Guys,

What do you think is the BEST raw vegan foods that a restaurant can supply?

We are going to be adding more raw vegan foods to our menu ( and i would love to hear from my favorite community, what are people's raw vegan favorites?

Any good resources we can go after?

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 05/03/15 07:57:02

    Maybe google raw vegan recipes?

    Ate at "Ecopolitan" raw vegan restaurant in Minneapolis recently. Great place on Lyndale!

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    Posted by Average.Joe.5 at 08/03/15 16:26:21

    Raw wheat flour dough. Just get some organic whole wheat flour, mix it with some water and roll it around until it sticks but isn't soggy, and have at it!

    It may be strange at first but wait until you see how you feel upon eating it. It is wonderfully nutritious and will become very chewy gooey delicious.

    You could always try mixing it with other things too I guess. Some sugars, fruit puree, ground up nuts or beans, ground up herbs, etc. Whatever you may fancy.

    I'm not kidding around. Try it and you will likely understand why grass eaters like the Bovine/Bovidae class go so crazy over it.

    (Wheat is the same as Grass. Wheat is what you get from allowing the Grass to grow and mature into the Wheat Stalk.)

    Wheatgrass is also a great source of B12. It is what those 'red meat' eaters eat, so why not learn from them? This "B12 deficiency" is a total lie and needs to be put to rest. Carnivores probably equate "B12" as drinking raw blood from another life-form or something. Just get yourself some wheat and/or grass to eat, and you'll be just fine.

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