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I've been incorporating more raw foods into my diet and feel great. I have Ani Phyo's 15 day fat blast and was thinking starting it in the new year and then consume a combination of raw and cooked vegan foods after, but one nutrient I'm concerned about is B-12. I suppose I could just keep taking a multi-vitamin, but I was wondering if there is a raw vegan source of B-12? Ani doesn't seem to cover this.

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    Posted by SmileyReed at 08/06/16 04:27:00

    Garden of Life has a B12 spray. I take it everyday.

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    Posted by arb84820 at 08/13/16 02:40:01

    B12 is fortified from vegan sources in cereals and juices, Trader Joe's Dynamo is a good one. B12 is naturally found in bacteria so would be difficult to find raw.

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